Commit 1e5539e0 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Avoid delving into Git internals for version

* lisp/loadup.el (exec-path): Set it to nil later, so that
emacs-repository-get-version can invoke git commands in the PATH.
* lisp/version.el (emacs-repository--version-git-1): Remove.
(emacs-repository-get-version): Let Git do it rather than
delving into Git internals.
parent 4428f5a9
......@@ -78,10 +78,6 @@
(expand-file-name "textmodes" dir)
(expand-file-name "vc" dir)))))
;; Prevent build-time PATH getting stored in the binary.
;; Mainly cosmetic, but helpful for Guix. (Bug#20330)
(setq exec-path nil)
(if (eq t purify-flag)
;; Hash consing saved around 11% of pure space in my tests.
(setq purify-flag (make-hash-table :test 'equal :size 80000)))
......@@ -431,6 +427,12 @@ lost after dumping")))
(message "Pure-hashed: %d strings, %d vectors, %d conses, %d bytecodes, %d others"
strings vectors conses bytecodes others)))
;; Prevent build-time PATH getting stored in the binary.
;; Mainly cosmetic, but helpful for Guix. (Bug#20330)
;; Do this here, rather than earlier, so that the above code
;; can invoke Git commands and the like.
(setq exec-path nil)
;; Avoid error if user loads some more libraries now and make sure the
;; hash-consing hash table is GC'd.
(setq purify-flag nil)
......@@ -116,18 +116,6 @@ or if we could not determine the revision.")
(looking-at "[0-9a-fA-F]\\{40\\}"))
(match-string 0)))))
(defun emacs-repository--version-git-1 (file dir)
"Internal subroutine of `emacs-repository-get-version'."
(when (file-readable-p file)
(insert-file-contents file)
(cond ((looking-at "[0-9a-fA-F]\\{40\\}")
(match-string 0))
((looking-at "ref: \\(.*\\)")
(expand-file-name (match-string 1) dir)
(defun emacs-repository-get-version (&optional dir external)
"Try to return as a string the repository revision of the Emacs sources.
The format of the returned string is dependent on the VCS in use.
......@@ -137,51 +125,8 @@ this reports on the current state of the sources, which may not
correspond to the running Emacs.
Optional argument DIR is a directory to use instead of `source-directory'.
Optional argument EXTERNAL non-nil means to just ask the VCS itself,
if the sources appear to be under version control. Otherwise only ask
the VCS if we cannot find any information ourselves."
(or dir (setq dir source-directory))
(let* ((base-dir (expand-file-name ".git" dir))
(in-main-worktree (file-directory-p base-dir))
(in-linked-worktree nil)
;; If the sources are in a linked worktree, .git is a file that points to
;; the location of the main worktree and the repo's administrative files.
(when (and (not in-main-worktree)
(file-regular-p base-dir)
(file-readable-p base-dir))
(insert-file-contents base-dir)
(when (looking-at "gitdir: \\(.*\.git\\)\\(.*\\)$")
(setq base-dir (match-string 1)
sub-dir (concat base-dir (match-string 2))
in-linked-worktree t))))
;; We've found a worktree, either main or linked.
(when (or in-main-worktree in-linked-worktree)
(if external
(emacs-repository-version-git dir)
(or (if in-linked-worktree
(expand-file-name "HEAD" sub-dir) base-dir)
(let ((packed-refs (expand-file-name "packed-refs" base-dir)))
(if (file-readable-p packed-refs)
(insert-file-contents packed-refs)
(when (re-search-forward
"^\\([0-9a-fA-F]\\{40\\}\\) refs/heads/master$"
nil t)
(match-string 1)))))
(let ((files '("HEAD" "refs/heads/master"))
file rev)
(while (and (not rev)
(setq file (car files)))
(setq file (expand-file-name file base-dir)
files (cdr files)
rev (emacs-repository--version-git-1 file base-dir)))
;; AFAICS this doesn't work during dumping (bug#20799).
(emacs-repository-version-git dir))))))
Optional argument EXTERNAL is ignored."
(emacs-repository-version-git (or dir source-directory)))
;; We put version info into the executable in the form that `ident' uses.
(purecopy (concat "\n$Id: " (subst-char-in-string ?\n ?\s (emacs-version))
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