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......@@ -1712,6 +1712,8 @@ to view diffs or log entries directly from vc-annotate-mode:
* New modes and packages in Emacs 21.4
** The new python.el package is used to edit Python and Jython programs.
** The URL package (which had been part of W3) is now part of Emacs.
2004-04-12 Joe Buehler <>
* s/cygwin.h: Changes for Cygwin unexec() support, changes in
Cygwin itself. Add support for Xaw3d scrollbars.
* puresize.h: Set up PURE_P() for Cygwin unexec() support.
* lastfile.c: Define my_endbss[] for Cygwin unexec() support.
* gmalloc.c (__default_morecore): Use bss_sbrk(), not __sbrk(),
before Cygwin unexec.
* Link changes for Cygwin unexec() support.
2004-04-12 Andreas Schwab <>
* buffer.c (Fmake_indirect_buffer): Check that NAME is a string.
......@@ -9,7 +23,7 @@
2004-04-11 Masatake YAMATO <>
* buffer.c (fix_start_end_in_overlays): make overlays
* buffer.c (fix_start_end_in_overlays): Make overlays
empty if they are backwards.
2004-04-07 Stefan Monnier <>
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