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......@@ -446,11 +446,9 @@ create new @samp{*info*} or @samp{*Help*} buffers, for example.
* Uniquify:: Buffer names can contain directory parts.
* BS:: Configurable buffer menu.
* Iswitchb:: Switching between buffers with substrings.
* MSB::
@end ignore
* BS:: Configurable buffer menu.
* MSB:: Customizing the Mouse Buffer Selection Menus.
@end menu
@node Uniquify
......@@ -473,6 +471,32 @@ buffer name styles by customizing the user option
@code{uniquify-buffer-name-style}. The command @kbd{M-x
toggle-uniquify-buffer-names} can also be used to toggle the mode.
@node Iswitchb
@subsection Switching Between Buffers using Substrings
@findex iswitchb-mode
@cindex Iswitchb mode
@cindex mode, Iswitchb
@kindex C-x b @r{(Iswitchb mode)}
@kindex C-x 4 b @r{(Iswitchb mode)}
@kindex C-x 5 b @r{(Iswitchb mode)}
@kindex C-x 4 C-o @r{(Iswitchb mode)}
Iswitchb global minor mode provides convenient switching between buffers
using substrings of their names by replacing the normal keybindings
@kbd{C-x b}, @kbd{C-x 4 b}, @kbd{C-x 5 b} and @kbd{C-x 4 C-o}.
When you are prompted for a buffer name, as you type in a substring the
list of buffers currently matching it is displayed as you type, with the
most recent buffers visited towards the start of the list. The buffer
at the start will be the one visited when you press @key{RET}. By
typing more of the substring, the list is narrowed down so that
gradually the buffer you want will be at the top of the list.
Alternatively, you can use @kbd{C-s} and @kbd{C-r} to rotate buffer
names in the list until the one you want is at the top of the list.
Completion is available so that you can see what is common to all of the
matching buffers as you type.
@node BS
@subsection Configurable Buffer Menus
......@@ -499,10 +523,18 @@ ones like @samp{*Messages*}---through which you can cycle with @kbd{M-x
bs-cycle-next} and @kbd{M-x bs-cycle-previous}. Those commands could be
bound to convenient keys.
@node Iswitchb
@subsection Switching Between Buffers using Substrings
@node MSB
@subsection Customizable Buffer Selection with Multiple Menus
@end ignore
@subsection Customizing the Mouse Buffer Selection Menus
@findex msb-mode
@cindex mode, MSB
@cindex MSB mode
@cindex buffer menu
@findex mouse-buffer-menu
@kindex C-down-mouse-1
MSB global minor mode provides a different and customizable mouse buffer
menu which you may prefer. It replaces the bindings of
@code{mouse-buffer-menu}, normally on @kbd{C-down-mouse-1}, and the menu
bar buffer menu. You can customize the menu in the @code{msb} Custom
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