Commit 1eb4b4b9 authored by John Paul Wallington's avatar John Paul Wallington

(define-ibuffer-filter filename): Use `ibuffer-buffer-file-name'.

parent 92cb2eaf
2008-05-13 John Paul Wallington <>
* ibuffer.el (ibuffer-buffer-file-name): New function.
(define-ibuffer-column filename): Use it.
* ibuf-ext.el (define-ibuffer-filter filename): Use it.
2008-05-13 Chong Yidong <>
* talk.el (talk): Simplify. Pass display arg to talk-add-display
......@@ -1030,16 +1030,7 @@ currently used by buffers."
(:description "filename"
:reader (read-from-minibuffer "Filter by filename (regexp): "))
(ibuffer-awhen (with-current-buffer buf
(or buffer-file-name
(and (boundp 'dired-directory)
(let ((dired-dir
(if (stringp dired-directory)
(car dired-directory))))
(and dired-dir
(expand-file-name dired-dir))))
(and (eq major-mode 'vc-dir-mode)
(bound-and-true-p default-directory))))
(string-match qualifier it)))
;;;###autoload (autoload 'ibuffer-filter-by-size-gt "ibuf-ext")
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