Commit 1efdf7fe authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Make TAGS files more portable to MS-Windows

* etc/NEWS: Document this.
* lib-src/etags.c (readline_internal) [DOS_NT]:
Don't treat CRs differently from GNUish hosts.
* lisp/progmodes/etags.el (etags-goto-tag-location):
Adjust STARTPOS to account for the skipped CRs in dos-style files.
parent 175a07a1
......@@ -992,6 +992,9 @@ of Windows starting with Windows 9X.
** Emacs running on MS-Windows now supports the daemon mode.
** The byte counts in etags-generated TAGS files are now the same on
MS-Windows as they are on other platforms.
** OS X 10.5 or older is no longer supported.
** OS X on PowerPC is no longer supported.
......@@ -6075,16 +6075,7 @@ readline_internal (linebuffer *lbp, FILE *stream, char const *filename)
if (p > buffer && p[-1] == '\r')
p -= 1;
#ifdef DOS_NT
/* Assume CRLF->LF translation will be performed by Emacs
when loading this file, so CRs won't appear in the buffer.
It would be cleaner to compensate within Emacs;
however, Emacs does not know how many CRs were deleted
before any given point in the file. */
chars_deleted = 1;
chars_deleted = 2;
......@@ -1355,9 +1355,16 @@ hits the start of file."
pat (concat (if (eq selective-display t)
"\\(^\\|\^m\\)" "^")
(regexp-quote (car tag-info))))
;; The character position in the tags table is 0-origin.
;; The character position in the tags table is 0-origin and counts CRs.
;; Convert it to a 1-origin Emacs character position.
(if startpos (setq startpos (1+ startpos)))
(when startpos
(setq startpos (1+ startpos))
(when (and line
(eq 1 (coding-system-eol-type buffer-file-coding-system)))
;; Act as if CRs were elided from all preceding lines.
;; Although this doesn't always give exactly the correct position,
;; it does typically improve the guess.
(setq startpos (- startpos (1- line)))))
;; If no char pos was given, try the given line number.
(or startpos
(if line
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