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* PROBLEMS: Updated exec-shield description.

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2004-09-25 Jan D. <jhd@ostrich.localdomain>
* PROBLEMS: Updated exec-shield description.
2004-09-16 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* e/eterm.ti: Change the strings for smso and rmso.
......@@ -2329,28 +2329,34 @@ The fix is to install a newer version of ncurses, such as version 4.2.
*** Linux: Segfault during `make bootstrap' under certain recent versions of the Linux kernel.
With certain recent Linux kernels (like the one of Redhat Fedora Core
1), the new "Exec-shield" functionality is enabled by default, which
1 and 2), the new "Exec-shield" functionality is enabled by default, which
creates a different memory layout that breaks the emacs dumper.
Configure can overcome the problem of exec-shield if the architecture is
x86 and the program setarch is present. On other architectures no
workaround is known.
You can check the Exec-shield state like this:
cat /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield
It returns 1 or 2 when Exec-shield is enabled, 0 otherwise. Please
It returns non-zero when Exec-shield is enabled, 0 otherwise. Please
read your system documentation for more details on Exec-shield and
associated commands.
associated commands. Exec-shield can be turned off with this command:
echo "0" > /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield
When Exec-shield is enabled, building Emacs will segfault during the
execution of this command:
temacs --batch --load loadup [dump|bootstrap]
./temacs --batch --load loadup [dump|bootstrap]
To work around this problem, it is necessary to temporarily disable
Exec-shield while building Emacs, using the `setarch' command like
Exec-shield while building Emacs, or, on x86, by using the `setarch'
command when running temacs like this:
setarch i386 ./temacs --batch --load loadup [dump|bootstrap]
setarch i386 ./configure <configure parameters>
setarch i386 make <make parameters>
*** Fatal signal in the command temacs -l loadup inc dump.
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