Commit 1f26c380 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(math-read-number-simple): New function.

parent 2386b1f1
2007-06-21 Jay Belanger <>
* calc/calc.el (math-read-number-simple): New function.
2007-06-21 Reto Zimmermann <>
* vera-mode.el (vera-mode): Fix `commend-end-skip' setting.
......@@ -3423,6 +3423,24 @@ See calc-keypad for details."
;; Syntax error!
(t nil))))
;;; Parse a very simple number, keeping all digits.
(defun math-read-number-simple (s)
;; Integer
((string-match "^[0-9]+$" s)
(cons 'bigpos (math-read-bignum s)))
;; Minus sign
((string-match "^-[0-9]+$" s)
(cons 'bigneg (math-read-bignum (substring s 1))))
;; Decimal point
((string-match "^\\(-?[0-9]*\\)\\.\\([0-9]*\\)$" s)
(let ((int (math-match-substring s 1))
(frac (math-match-substring s 2)))
(list 'float (math-read-number-simple (concat int frac))
(- (length frac)))))
;; Syntax error!
(t nil)))
(defun math-match-substring (s n)
(if (match-beginning n)
(substring s (match-beginning n) (match-end n))
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