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Add workaround for "Windows only" printers

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......@@ -782,6 +782,22 @@ runs in XEmacs, and look for the prologue files in a wrong directory.
The solution is to upgrade X-Symbol to a later version.
* lpr commands don't work on MS-Windows with some cheap printers.
This problem may also strike other platforms, but the solution is
likely to be a global one, and not Emacs specific.
Many cheap inkjet, and even some cheap laser printers, do not
print plain text anymore, they will only print through graphical
printer drivers. A workaround on MS-Windows is to use Windows' basic
built in editor to print (this is possibly the only useful purpose it
(setq printer-name "") ;; notepad takes the default
(setq lpr-command "notepad") ;; notepad
(setq lpr-switches nil) ;; not needed
(setq lpr-printer-switch "/P") ;; run notepad as batch printer
* On systems with shared libraries you might encounter run-time errors
from the dynamic linker telling you that it is unable to find some
shared libraries, for instance those for Xaw3d or image support.
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