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Document ns-auto-hide-menu-bar

* doc/emacs/macos.texi (Customization options specific to Mac OS / GNUstep):
New subsection.

* etc/NEWS: Related markup.
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2012-02-04 Glenn Morris <>
* macos.texi (Customization options specific to Mac OS / GNUstep):
New subsection.
* display.texi (Colors): Mention list-colors-sort.
* files.texi (File Conveniences): Mention image animation.
......@@ -130,6 +130,18 @@ open the dragged files in the current frame use the following line:
@end lisp
@subsection Customization options specific to Mac OS / GNUstep
The following customization options are specific to the Nextstep port.
@table @code
@item ns-auto-hide-menu-bar
Non-nil means the menu-bar is hidden by default, but appears if you
move the mouse pointer over it. (Requires OS X 10.6 or later.)
@end table
@node Mac / GNUstep Events, GNUstep Support, Mac / GNUstep Customization, Mac OS / GNUstep
@section Windowing System Events under Mac OS / GNUstep
......@@ -1458,10 +1458,13 @@ and also when HOME is set to C:\ by default.
** New make target `dist' to create binary distribution for MS Windows.
** Function `w32-default-color-map' is now obsolete.
** The Lisp function `w32-default-color-map' is now obsolete.
(It is only used internally in the Emacs C code.)
** On Nextstep/OSX, the menu bar can be hidden by customizing
** Customize ns-auto-hide-menu-bar to have the menu-bar hidden, but
reappear on mouse-over. (Requires OS X 10.6 or later.)
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