Commit 1f70b06d authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(what-cursor-position): Don't use the variable

charset-origin-alist, but use charset-origin-alist property of
buffer-file-coding-system to decide external character set code.
parent 57a6f757
......@@ -517,29 +517,40 @@ Each language environment may show different external character components."
pos total percent beg end col hscroll)
(message "point=%d of %d(%d%%) column %d %s"
pos total percent col hscroll))
(let* ((coding-system buffer-file-coding-system)
(encode-coding-string (char-to-string char) coding-system t))
(mapconcat (lambda (ch) (format "0x%x" ch)) encoding " "))
(if (and coding-system
(not (and (= (length encoding) 1)
(= (aref encoding 0) char))))
(format "(0%o, %d, 0x%x, ext %s)"
char char char
(format "(0%o, %d, 0x%x)"
char char char))))
(let ((charset (char-charset char))
(coding-system buffer-file-coding-system)
slot external encoding-msg)
;; To decided an external character code, we use
;; charset-origin-alist property of buffer-file-coding-system.
;; But, if buffer-file-coding-system is nil of undecided, use
;; that property of default-buffer-file-coding-system. If
;; that property value is nil, we don't show external
;; character code.
(if (or (not coding-system)
(eq (coding-system-type coding-system) t))
(setq coding-system default-buffer-file-coding-system))
(if (and coding-system
(setq slot
(coding-system-get coding-system 'charset-origin-alist))
(setq slot (assq charset slot)))
(setq external (list (nth 1 slot) (funcall (nth 2 slot) char))))
(setq encoding-msg
(if external
(format "(0%o, %d, 0x%x, ext 0x%x)"
char char char (nth 1 external))
(format "(0%o, %d, 0x%x)" char char char)))
(if detail
(let* ((internal (split-char char))
(charset (char-charset char))
(slot (assq charset charset-origin-alist))
(if slot
(setq external (list (nth 1 slot) (funcall (nth 2 slot) char)))
(if (eq charset 'composition)
(setq internal '("composite-character"))
;; We show the detailed information of CHAR.
(let (internal)
(if (eq charset 'composition)
;; For a composite character, we show the components
;; only.
(setq internal (concat "(composition of \""
(decompose-composite-char char)
external nil)
(setq internal (split-char char))
(unless external
(setq external (cons (charset-short-name charset)
(copy-sequence (cdr internal))))
(if (= (charset-iso-graphic-plane charset) 1)
......@@ -552,7 +563,7 @@ Each language environment may show different external character components."
(if (< char 256)
(single-key-description char)
(char-to-string char))
encoding-msg (or internal "") (or external "")))
encoding-msg internal (or external "")))
(if (or (/= beg 1) (/= end (1+ total)))
(message "Char: %s %s point=%d of %d(%d%%) <%d - %d> column %d %s"
(if (< char 256)
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