Commit 1f780b79 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(rmail-reply): If no resent-date, use ordinary date.

If no resent-to, use empty string for to.
parent 384fc6ca
......@@ -1740,11 +1740,11 @@ use \\[mail-yank-original] to yank the original message into it."
subject (or (and resent-reply-to
(mail-fetch-field "resent-subject" t))
(mail-fetch-field "subject"))
date (cond (resent-reply-to
(mail-fetch-field "resent-date" t))
((mail-fetch-field "date")))
date (or (and resent-reply-to
(mail-fetch-field "resent-date" t))
(mail-fetch-field "date"))
to (cond (resent-reply-to
(mail-fetch-field "resent-to" t))
(or (mail-fetch-field "resent-to" t)) "")
((mail-fetch-field "to" nil t))
;((mail-fetch-field "apparently-to")) ack gag barf
(t ""))
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