Commit 1f853940 authored by Geoff Voelker's avatar Geoff Voelker

[HAVE_NTGUI] (Fset_window_configuration): Set menu bar lines.

Use HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM instead of testing for specific window systems.
parent 6f405bd5
......@@ -2970,7 +2970,7 @@ by `current-window-configuration' (which see).")
if (XFASTINT (data->frame_height) != previous_frame_height
|| XFASTINT (data->frame_width) != previous_frame_width)
change_frame_size (f, data->frame_height, data->frame_width, 0, 0);
if (XFASTINT (data->frame_menu_bar_lines)
!= previous_frame_menu_bar_lines)
x_set_menu_bar_lines (f, data->frame_menu_bar_lines, 0);
......@@ -3119,7 +3119,7 @@ by `current-window-configuration' (which see).")
|| previous_frame_width != FRAME_WIDTH (f))
change_frame_size (f, previous_frame_height, previous_frame_width,
0, 0);
if (previous_frame_menu_bar_lines != FRAME_MENU_BAR_LINES (f))
x_set_menu_bar_lines (f, previous_frame_menu_bar_lines, 0);
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