Commit 1f8653eb authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Faccess_file): New function.

(Qaccess_file): New variable.
(syms_of_fileio): defsubr function; init and staticpro Qaccess_file.
parent cbf8a873
......@@ -249,8 +249,9 @@ Lisp_Object Qmake_symbolic_link;
Lisp_Object Qfile_exists_p;
Lisp_Object Qfile_executable_p;
Lisp_Object Qfile_readable_p;
Lisp_Object Qfile_symlink_p;
Lisp_Object Qfile_writable_p;
Lisp_Object Qfile_symlink_p;
Lisp_Object Qaccess_file;
Lisp_Object Qfile_directory_p;
Lisp_Object Qfile_regular_p;
Lisp_Object Qfile_accessible_directory_p;
......@@ -2694,6 +2695,32 @@ DEFUN ("file-writable-p", Ffile_writable_p, Sfile_writable_p, 1, 1, 0,
? Qt : Qnil);
DEFUN ("access-file", Faccess_file, Saccess_file, 2, 2, 0,
"Access file FILENAME, and get an error if that does not work.\n\
The second argument STRING is used in the error message.\n\
If there is no error, we return nil.")
(filename, string)
Lisp_Object filename, string;
Lisp_Object handler;
int fd;
CHECK_STRING (filename, 0);
/* If the file name has special constructs in it,
call the corresponding file handler. */
handler = Ffind_file_name_handler (filename, Qaccess_file);
if (!NILP (handler))
return call3 (handler, Qaccess_file, filename, string);
fd = open (XSTRING (filename)->data, O_RDONLY);
if (fd < 0)
report_file_error (XSTRING (string)->data, Fcons (filename, Qnil));
close (fd);
return Qnil;
DEFUN ("file-symlink-p", Ffile_symlink_p, Sfile_symlink_p, 1, 1, 0,
"Return non-nil if file FILENAME is the name of a symbolic link.\n\
The value is the name of the file to which it is linked.\n\
......@@ -4509,8 +4536,9 @@ syms_of_fileio ()
Qfile_exists_p = intern ("file-exists-p");
Qfile_executable_p = intern ("file-executable-p");
Qfile_readable_p = intern ("file-readable-p");
Qfile_symlink_p = intern ("file-symlink-p");
Qfile_writable_p = intern ("file-writable-p");
Qfile_symlink_p = intern ("file-symlink-p");
Qaccess_file = intern ("access-file");
Qfile_directory_p = intern ("file-directory-p");
Qfile_regular_p = intern ("file-regular-p");
Qfile_accessible_directory_p = intern ("file-accessible-directory-p");
......@@ -4539,8 +4567,9 @@ syms_of_fileio ()
staticpro (&Qfile_exists_p);
staticpro (&Qfile_executable_p);
staticpro (&Qfile_readable_p);
staticpro (&Qfile_symlink_p);
staticpro (&Qfile_writable_p);
staticpro (&Qaccess_file);
staticpro (&Qfile_symlink_p);
staticpro (&Qfile_directory_p);
staticpro (&Qfile_regular_p);
staticpro (&Qfile_accessible_directory_p);
......@@ -4695,6 +4724,7 @@ a non-nil value.");
defsubr (&Sfile_executable_p);
defsubr (&Sfile_readable_p);
defsubr (&Sfile_writable_p);
defsubr (&Saccess_file);
defsubr (&Sfile_symlink_p);
defsubr (&Sfile_directory_p);
defsubr (&Sfile_accessible_directory_p);
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