Commit 1fa3a200 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney

(Vw32_system_coding_system): Remove.

(w32_to_x_font, x_to_w32_font): Use Vlocale_coding_system.
parent effcd99a
......@@ -177,8 +177,6 @@ Lisp_Object Vx_pixel_size_width_font_regexp;
/* Alist of bdf fonts and the files that define them. */
Lisp_Object Vw32_bdf_filename_alist;
Lisp_Object Vw32_system_coding_system;
/* A flag to control whether fonts are matched strictly or not. */
int w32_strict_fontnames;
......@@ -6242,7 +6240,7 @@ w32_to_x_font (lplogfont, lpxstr, len, specific_charset)
fonttype = "unknown";
setup_coding_system (Fcheck_coding_system (Vw32_system_coding_system),
setup_coding_system (Fcheck_coding_system (Vlocale_coding_system),
coding.src_multibyte = 0;
coding.dst_multibyte = 1;
......@@ -6374,7 +6372,7 @@ x_to_w32_font (lpxstr, lplogfont)
unsigned char *buf;
(Fcheck_coding_system (Vw32_system_coding_system), &coding);
(Fcheck_coding_system (Vlocale_coding_system), &coding);
coding.src_multibyte = 1;
coding.dst_multibyte = 1;
bufsize = encoding_buffer_size (&coding, strlen (name));
......@@ -14493,11 +14491,6 @@ Set this to nil to get the old behaviour for repainting; this should
only be necessary if the default setting causes problems. */);
w32_strict_painting = 1;
DEFVAR_LISP ("w32-system-coding-system",
doc: /* Coding system used by Windows system functions, such as for font names. */);
Vw32_system_coding_system = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("w32-charset-info-alist",
doc: /* Alist linking Emacs character sets to Windows fonts and codepages.
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