Commit 1faa97e4 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(Fsave_window_excursion): Doc fix.

parent 327ffff8
2007-07-16 Juanma Barranquero <>
* coding.c (Ffind_operation_coding_system):
* eval.c (For, Fand, Fprogn):
* keyboard.c (Ftrack_mouse):
* print.c (Fwith_output_to_temp_buffer):
* window.c (Fsave_window_excursion): Doc fixes (some reported
by Johan Bockg,Ae(Brd).
2007-07-15 Richard Stallman <>
* data.c (Fsetq_default): Doc fix.
......@@ -7549,7 +7558,7 @@
2005-09-19 Kim F. Storm <>
* editfns.c (Fformat): Don't scan past end of format string that
ends in %. Reported by: Johan Bockg,Ae(Brd.
ends in %. Reported by Johan Bockg,Ae(Brd.
2005-09-18 Andreas Schwab <>
......@@ -6643,7 +6643,7 @@ and the value of point and mark for each window.
Also restore the choice of selected window.
Also restore which buffer is current.
Does not restore the value of point in current buffer.
usage: (save-window-excursion BODY ...) */)
usage: (save-window-excursion BODY...) */)
Lisp_Object args;
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