Commit 1fb352e0 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier


definitions for non-Emacs compilation.
(enum re_opcode_t): Remove (not)wordchar and move (not)syntaxspec
outside of `#ifdef emacs'.
(print_partial_compiled_pattern): Update.
(regex_compile): Use (not)syntaxspec(Sword) instead of (not)wordchar.
(re_compile_fastmap): Merge handling of charset and charset_not (for
emacs and non-emacs compilation as well).
Similarly for (not)categoryspec and (not)syntaxspec.
Don't use the fastmap when reaching `anychar' since the added
complexity is not justified.
(re_match_2_internal): Merge (not)wordchar (emacs and non-emacs)
and (not)syntaxspec.  Merge (not)categoryspec.
parent bfb857d8
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