Commit 1fc9ee97 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(side-effect-free-fns, side-effect-and-error-free-fns):

Add many functions, remove some.
parent abfb6b46
2002-03-31 Richard M. Stallman <>
* emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el (side-effect-free-fns)
(side-effect-and-error-free-fns): Add many functions, remove some.
2002-03-30 Richard M. Stallman <>
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-tools-menu): Rename gdb item to say GDB.
......@@ -1143,44 +1143,63 @@
;;; (foo))
;;; Further optimizations will turn (progn (list 1 2 3) 'foo) into 'foo.
;;; Some of these functions have the side effect of allocating memory
;;; and it would be incorrect to replace two calls with one.
;;; But we don't try to do those kinds of optimizations,
;;; so it is safe to list such functions here.
;;; Some of these functions return values that depend on environment
;;; state, so that constant folding them would be wrong,
;;; but we don't do constant folding based on this list.
;;; I wonder if I missed any :-\)
(let ((side-effect-free-fns
'(% * + - / /= 1+ 1- < <= = > >= abs acos append aref ash asin atan
assoc assq
boundp buffer-file-name buffer-local-variables buffer-modified-p
buffer-substring byte-code-function-p
capitalize car-less-than-car car cdr ceiling char-after char-before
concat coordinates-in-window-p
char-width copy-marker cos count-lines
default-boundp default-value documentation downcase
elt exp expt fboundp featurep
char-equal char-to-string char-width
compare-strings concat coordinates-in-window-p
copy-alist copy-sequence copy-marker cos count-lines
decode-time default-boundp default-value documentation downcase
elt exp expt encode-time error-message-string
fboundp fceiling featurep ffloor
file-directory-p file-exists-p file-locked-p file-name-absolute-p
file-newer-than-file-p file-readable-p file-symlink-p file-writable-p
float floor format frame-visible-p
float float-time floor format format-time-string frame-visible-p
fround ftruncate
get gethash get-buffer get-buffer-window getenv get-file-buffer
int-to-string intern-soft
length local-variable-if-set-p local-variable-p log log10 logand
logb logior lognot logxor lsh
make-list make-string make-symbol
marker-buffer max member memq min mod
next-window nth nthcdr number-to-string
parse-colon-path prefix-numeric-value previous-window propertize
radians-to-degrees rassq regexp-quote reverse round
parse-colon-path plist-get plist-member
prefix-numeric-value previous-window prin1-to-string propertize
radians-to-degrees rassq rassoc read-from-string regexp-quote
region-beginning region-end reverse round
sin sqrt string string< string= string-equal string-lessp string-to-char
string-to-int string-to-number substring symbol-function symbol-plist
tan unibyte-char-to-multibyte upcase user-variable-p vconcat
string-to-int string-to-number substring sxhash symbol-function
symbol-name symbol-plist symbol-value
tan truncate
unibyte-char-to-multibyte upcase user-full-name
user-login-name user-original-login-name user-variable-p
window-buffer window-dedicated-p window-edges window-height
window-hscroll window-minibuffer-p window-width
'(arrayp atom
bobp bolp buffer-end buffer-list buffer-size buffer-string bufferp
bobp bolp bool-vector-p
buffer-end buffer-list buffer-size buffer-string bufferp
car-safe case-table-p cdr-safe char-or-string-p commandp cons consp
current-buffer current-global-map current-indentation
current-local-map current-minor-mode-maps
dot dot-marker eobp eolp eq equal eventp
current-local-map current-minor-mode-maps current-time
current-time-string current-time-zone
eobp eolp eq equal eventp
floatp following-char framep
get-largest-window get-lru-window
......@@ -1194,14 +1213,14 @@
one-window-p overlayp
point point-marker point-min point-max preceding-char processp
recent-keys recursion-depth
selected-frame selected-window sequencep stringp subrp symbolp
standard-case-table standard-syntax-table syntax-table-p
safe-length selected-frame selected-window sequencep
standard-case-table standard-syntax-table stringp subrp symbolp
syntax-table syntax-table-p
this-command-keys this-command-keys-vector this-single-command-keys
user-full-name user-login-name user-original-login-name
user-real-login-name user-real-uid user-uid
vector vectorp visible-frame-list
window-configuration-p window-live-p windowp)))
wholenump window-configuration-p window-live-p windowp)))
(while side-effect-free-fns
(put (car side-effect-free-fns) 'side-effect-free t)
(setq side-effect-free-fns (cdr side-effect-free-fns)))
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