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Describe desktop package lazy restore feature.

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......@@ -397,20 +397,30 @@ saving.
*** Buffers are saved in the desktop file in the same order as that in the
buffer list.
*** The desktop package can be customized to restore only some buffers immediately,
remaining buffers are restored lazily (when Emacs is idle).
*** New commands:
- desktop-revert reverts to the last loaded desktop.
- desktop-change-dir kills current desktop and loads a new.
- desktop-save-in-desktop-dir saves desktop in the directory from which
it was loaded.
- desktop-lazy-complete runs the desktop load to completion.
- desktop-lazy-abort aborts lazy loading of the desktop.
*** New customizable variables:
- desktop-save. Determins whether the desktop should be saved when it is
- desktop-file-name-format.
- desktop-file-name-format. Format in which desktop file names should be saved.
- desktop-path. List of directories in which to lookup the desktop file.
- desktop-locals-to-save.
- desktop-globals-to-clear.
- desktop-clear-preserve-buffers-regexp.
- desktop-locals-to-save. List of local variables to save.
- desktop-globals-to-clear. List of global variables that `desktop-clear' will clear.
- desktop-clear-preserve-buffers-regexp. Regexp identifying buffers that `desktop-clear'
should not delete.
- desktop-restore-eager. Number of buffers to restore immediately. Remaining buffers are
restored lazily (when Emacs is idle).
- desktop-lazy-verbose. Verbose reporting of lazily created buffers.
- desktop-lazy-idle-delay. Idle delay before starting to create buffers.
*** New command line option --no-desktop
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