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* doc/misc/cl.texi (Overview): Mention EIEIO here, as well as the appendix.

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2012-11-06 Glenn Morris <>
* cl.texi (Obsolete Setf Customization):
* cl.texi (Overview): Mention EIEIO here, as well as the appendix.
(Obsolete Setf Customization):
Move note on lack of setf functions to lispref/variables.texi.
Undocument get-setf-method, since it no longer exists.
......@@ -107,7 +107,8 @@ for various reasons:
Some features are too complex or bulky relative to their benefit
to Emacs Lisp programmers. CLOS and Common Lisp streams are fine
examples of this group.
examples of this group. (The separate package EIEIO implements
a subset of CLOS functionality. @xref{Top, , Introduction, eieio, EIEIO}.)
Other features cannot be implemented without modification to the
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