Commit 2036d16f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(ad-handle-definition, defadvice): Fix error messages.

parent 0f2aa0e1
......@@ -3557,7 +3557,7 @@ the value of `ad-redefinition-action' and de/activate again."
;; we have a redefinition:
(if (not (memq ad-redefinition-action '(accept discard warn)))
(error "ad-handle-definition (see its doc): `%s' %s"
function "illegally redefined")
function "invalidly redefined")
(if (eq ad-redefinition-action 'discard)
(ad-safe-fset function original-definition)
(ad-set-orig-definition function current-definition)
......@@ -3794,13 +3794,13 @@ during preloading.
Look at the file `advice.el' for comprehensive documentation."
(if (not (ad-name-p function))
(error "defadvice: Illegal function name: %s" function))
(error "defadvice: Invalid function name: %s" function))
(let* ((class (car args))
(name (if (not (ad-class-p class))
(error "defadvice: Illegal advice class: %s" class)
(error "defadvice: Invalid advice class: %s" class)
(nth 1 args)))
(position (if (not (ad-name-p name))
(error "defadvice: Illegal advice name: %s" name)
(error "defadvice: Invalid advice name: %s" name)
(setq args (nthcdr 2 args))
(if (ad-position-p (car args))
(prog1 (car args)
......@@ -3817,7 +3817,7 @@ Look at the file `advice.el' for comprehensive documentation."
(cond ((eq completion t) flag)
((assoc completion ad-defadvice-flags)
(intern completion))
(t (error "defadvice: Illegal or ambiguous flag: %s"
(t (error "defadvice: Invalid or ambiguous flag: %s"
(advice (ad-make-advice
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