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......@@ -46,16 +46,35 @@ Windows only bug.
** Milan Zamazal's Aug 23 bug report about crashes with certain fonts.
** How rcirc puts cursor at bottom.
** C-g fails to interrupt accept-process-output in Gnus.
** rcirc uses member*.
** Field handling in C-n.
** Implement buffer-chars-modified-tick.
** cursor display on images that don't use :mask.
** C-g fails to interrupt accept-process-output in Gnus.
(Is that fixed?)
** 09 Aug 2006: ispell.el problem.
(Did we decide that is unreproducible?)
** Make key-binding use the maps specified by positions given in the events.
** Is it necessary to solve in another way the problem that was solved
by Satyaki Das's removed pgg patches?
** mouse-autoselect-window delay patch
** savehist and ido bug, Michaël Cadilhac, Aug 27.
** next-error confused by GCC included file message.
** Bug in woman, Juri Linkov, Sep 3.
** Problem of passing temp files to GPG thru call-process.
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