Commit 20796cbc authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(canonically-space-region, fill-nobreak-p, fill-delete-newlines):

Use function `sentence-end' instead of variable `sentence-end'.
parent 32e40471
......@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ Leave one space between words, two at end of sentences or after colons
and `sentence-end-without-period').
Remove indentation from each line."
(interactive "*r")
(let ((end-spc-re (concat "\\(" sentence-end "\\) *\\| +")))
(let ((end-spc-re (concat "\\(" (sentence-end) "\\) *\\| +")))
(goto-char beg)
;; Nuke tabs; they get screwed up in a fill.
......@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@ and `fill-nobreak-invisible'."
(skip-chars-backward ". ")
(and (looking-at "\\.")
(not (looking-at sentence-end))))
(not (looking-at (sentence-end)))))
;; Don't split a line if the rest would look like a new paragraph.
(unless use-hard-newlines
......@@ -424,10 +424,10 @@ Point is moved to just past the fill prefix on the first line."
;; loses on split abbrevs ("Mr.\nSmith")
(let ((eol-double-space-re
((not colon-double-space) (concat sentence-end "$"))
((not colon-double-space) (concat (sentence-end) "$"))
;; Try to add the : inside the `sentence-end' regexp.
((string-match "\\[[^][]*\\(\\.\\)[^][]*\\]" sentence-end)
(concat (replace-match ".:" nil nil sentence-end 1) "$"))
((string-match "\\[[^][]*\\(\\.\\)[^][]*\\]" (sentence-end))
(concat (replace-match ".:" nil nil (sentence-end) 1) "$"))
;; Can't find the right spot to insert the colon.
(t "[.?!:][])}\"']*$")))
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