Commit 209061be authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(prepare_image_for_display): Don't try to load image if

loading it failed before.
(lookup_image, prepare_image_for_display): Remember if loading the
image failed.
(xpm_load): Add missing UNBLOCK_INPUT.
parent a7ac64a9
......@@ -5819,8 +5819,8 @@ prepare_image_for_display (f, img)
/* If IMG doesn't have a pixmap yet, load it now, using the image
type dependent loader function. */
if (img->pixmap == 0)
img->type->load (f, img);
if (img->pixmap == 0 && !img->load_failed_p)
img->load_failed_p = img->type->load (f, img) == 0;
......@@ -6066,16 +6066,15 @@ lookup_image (f, spec)
/* If not found, create a new image and cache it. */
if (img == NULL)
int loading_failed_p;
img = make_image (spec, hash);
cache_image (f, img);
loading_failed_p = img->type->load (f, img) == 0;
img->load_failed_p = img->type->load (f, img) == 0;
xassert (!interrupt_input_blocked);
/* If we can't load the image, and we don't have a width and
height, use some arbitrary width and height so that we can
draw a rectangle for it. */
if (loading_failed_p)
if (img->load_failed_p)
Lisp_Object value;
......@@ -7088,6 +7087,7 @@ xpm_load (f, img)
if (!STRINGP (file))
image_error ("Cannot find image file %s", specified_file, Qnil);
return 0;
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