Commit 209d85fe authored by Mark Oteiza's avatar Mark Oteiza

Add further consideration to string-width (Bug#24972)

* lisp/ibuffer.el (ibuffer-compile-make-eliding-form):
(ibuffer-compile-make-substring-form): Use truncate-string-to-width.
parent b13d6f2c
......@@ -1558,18 +1558,17 @@ If point is on a group name, this function operates on that group."
,(if from-end-p
`(concat ,ellipsis
(substring ,strvar
(length ibuffer-eliding-string)))
(substring ,strvar 0 (- strlen ,(length ellipsis)))
(string-width ibuffer-eliding-string)))
,strvar strlen nil nil
(defun ibuffer-compile-make-substring-form (strvar maxvar from-end-p)
(if from-end-p
`(substring str
(- strlen ,maxvar))
`(substring ,strvar 0 ,maxvar)))
`(truncate-string-to-width str (string-width str) (- strlen ,maxvar))
`(truncate-string-to-width ,strvar ,maxvar)))
(defun ibuffer-compile-make-format-form (strvar widthform alignment)
(let* ((left `(make-string tmp2 ?\s))
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