Commit 20b5aff9 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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Keys for modern Korean syllables fixed.

Some keys for ancient Korean syllables are changed properly.
parent 1f50fef9
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
$(C!<(Brom$(C!=%!%"%#!&(B $(C!<(Bscan$(C!=)")#)$!&(B $(C!<(Bkata$(C!=+"+#+$(B
$(C!<@Z<R!=(B2$(C9z=D(B + $(C$U(B(S) $(C$o(B(t_) $(C$p(B(DD) $(C$q(B(D) $(C$v(B(G) $(C$u(B(GG) $(C$}(B(uk)")
$(C!<@Z<R!=(B2$(C9z=D(B + $(C$U(B(S) $(C$o(B(t_) $(C$q(B(D) $(C$p(B(DD) $(C$a(B(aD) $(C$v(B(_d) $(C$u(B(G) $(C$}(B(uk)")
("(" "$(C!2!4!6!8!:!<(B")
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@
("k" "$(C$?(B")
("o" "$(C$@(B")
("i" "$(C$A(B")
("I" "$(C$B(B")
("O" "$(C$B(B")
("j" "$(C$C(B")
("p" "$(C$D(B")
("u" "$(C$E(B")
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@
("hl" "$(C$J(B")
("y" "$(C$K(B")
("n" "$(C$L(B")
("nh" "$(C$M(B")
("nj" "$(C$M(B")
("np" "$(C$N(B")
("nl" "$(C$O(B")
("b" "$(C$P(B")
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@
("fqt" "$(C$[(B")
("fe" "$(C$Z(B")
("ft_" "$(C$\(B")
("fG" "$(C$](B")
("f_d" "$(C$](B")
("aq" "$(C$^(B")
("at" "$(C$_(B")
("at_" "$(C$`(B")
......@@ -161,11 +161,11 @@
("t_" "$(C$o(B")
("DD" "$(C$p(B")
("D" "$(C$q(B")
("Dw" "$(C$r(B")
("Dt" "$(C$r(B")
("Dt_" "$(C$s(B")
("vD" "$(C$t(B")
("GG" "$(C$u(B")
("G" "$(C$v(B")
("G" "$(C$u(B")
("_d" "$(C$v(B")
("yi" "$(C$w(B")
("yO" "$(C$x(B")
("yl" "$(C$y(B")
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