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* doc/emacs/anti.texi (Antinews): Add Emacs 24 antinews.

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2012-01-23 Chong Yidong <>
* anti.texi (Antinews): Add Emacs 24 antinews.
2012-01-16 Volker Sobek <> (tiny change)
* programs.texi (Comment Commands): Typo (bug#10514).
......@@ -13,7 +13,100 @@ greater simplicity that results from the absence of many Emacs
@itemize @bullet
Support for displaying and editing ``bidirectional'' text has been
removed. Text is now always displayed on the screen in a single
consistent direction---left to right---regardless of the underlying
script. Similarly, @kbd{C-f} and @kbd{C-b} always move the text
cursor to the right and left respectively. Also, @key{right} and
@key{left} are now equivalent to @kbd{C-f} and @kbd{C-b}, as you might
expect, rather than moving forward or backward based on the underlying
``paragraph direction''.
Users of ``right-to-left'' languages, like Arabic and Hebrew, may
adapt by reading and/or editing text in left-to-right order.
The Emacs Lisp package manager has been removed. Instead of using a
``user interface'' (@kbd{M-x list-packages}), additional Lisp packages
must now be installed by hand, which is the most flexible and
``Lispy'' method anyway. Typically, this just involves editing your
init file to add the package installation directory to the load path
and defining some autoloads; see each package's commentary section
and/or README file for details.
The option @code{delete-active-region} has been deleted. When the
region is active, typing @key{DEL} or @key{delete} no longer deletes
the text in the region; it deletes a single character instead.
We have reworked how Emacs handles the clipboard and the X primary
selection. Commands for killing and yanking, like @kbd{C-w} and
@kbd{C-y}, use the primary selection and not the clipboard, so you can
use these commands without interfering with ``cutting'' or ``pasting''
in other programs. The @samp{Cut}/@samp{Copy}/@samp{Paste} menu items
are bound to separate clipboard commands, not to the same commands as
Selecting text by dragging with the mouse now puts the text in the
kill ring, in addition to the primary selection. But note that
selecting an active region with @kbd{C-@key{SPC}} does @emph{not}
alter the kill ring nor the primary selection, even though the text
highlighting is visually identical.
In Isearch, @kbd{C-y} and @kbd{M-y} are no longer bound to
@code{isearch-yank-kill} and @code{isearch-yank-pop} respectively.
Instead, @kbd{C-y} yanks the rest of the current line into the search
string (@code{isearch-yank-line}), whereas @kbd{M-y} does
@code{isearch-yank-kill}. The mismatch with the usual meanings of
@kbd{C-y} and @kbd{M-y} is unintended.
Various completion features have been simplified. The options
@code{completion-cycle-threshold} and
@code{completion-category-overrides} have been removed. Due to the
latter removal, Emacs uses a single consistent scheme to generate
completions, instead of using a separate scheme for (say) buffer name
completion. Several major modes, such as Shell mode, now implement
their own inline completion commands instead of using
We have removed various options for controlling how windows are used,
e.g.@: @code{display-buffer-base-action}, @code{display-buffer-alist},
@code{window-combination-limit}, and @code{window-combination-resize}.
The command @kbd{M-x customize-themes} has been removed. Emacs no
longer comes with pre-defined themes (you can write your own).
Emacs no longer adapts various aspects of its display to GTK+
settings, opting instead for a uniform toolkit-independent look. GTK+
scroll bars are placed on the left, the same position as non-GTK+ X
scroll bars. Emacs no longer refers to GTK+ to set the default
@code{region} face, nor for drawing tooltips.
Setting the option @code{delete-by-moving-to-trash} to a
non-@code{nil} now causes all file deletions to use the system trash,
even temporary files created by Lisp programs; furthermore, the
@kbd{M-x delete-file} and @kbd{M-x delete-directory} commands no
longer accept prefix arguments to force true deletion.
On GNU/Linux and Unix, the default method for sending mail (as
specified by @code{send-mail-function}) is to use the
@command{sendmail} program. Emacs no longer asks for a delivery
method the first time you try to send mail, trusting instead that the
system is configured for mail delivery, as it ought to be.
Several VC features have been removed, including the @kbd{C-x v +} and
@kbd{C-x v m} commands for pulling and merging on distributed version
control systems, and the ability to view inline log entries in the log
buffers made by @kbd{C-x v L}.
To keep up with decreasing computer memory capacity and disk space, many
......@@ -430,11 +430,6 @@ These maximize and minimize the size of a window within its frame.
These functions allow to navigate through the live buffers that have
been shown in a specific window.
*** New functions `window-state-get' and `window-state-put'.
These functions allow to save and restore the state of an arbitrary
frame or window as an Elisp object.
** The inactive minibuffer has its own major mode `minibuffer-inactive-mode'.
This is handy for minibuffer-only frames, and is also used for the "mouse-1
pops up *Messages*" feature, which can now easily be changed.
......@@ -1161,6 +1156,11 @@ state before the last buffer display operation in that window.
iconifying or deleting a frame when burying a buffer shown in a dedicated
frame or quitting a window showing a buffer in a frame of its own.
*** New functions `window-state-get' and `window-state-put'.
These functions allow to save and restore the state of an arbitrary
frame or window as an Elisp object.
** Completion
*** New variable completion-extra-properties used to specify extra properties
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