Commit 20e70daf authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(make-glyph-code): Encode as cons if face id > 63.

(glyph-char, glyph-face): Handle cons encoding.
parent a6fa701e
......@@ -190,19 +190,27 @@ X frame."
"Return a glyph code representing char CHAR with face FACE."
;; Due to limitations on Emacs integer values, faces with
;; face id greater that 512 are silently ignored.
(if (and face (<= (face-id face) #x1ff))
(logior char (lsh (face-id face) 22))
(if (not face)
(let ((fid (face-id face)))
((not fid) (error "unknown face"))
((< fid 64) ; we have 32 - 3(LSB) - 1(SIGN) - 22(CHAR) = 6 bits for face id
(logior char (lsh fid 22)))
(t (cons char fid))))))
(defun glyph-char (glyph)
"Return the character of glyph code GLYPH."
(logand glyph #x3fffff))
(if (consp glyph)
(car glyph)
(logand glyph #x3fffff)))
(defun glyph-face (glyph)
"Return the face of glyph code GLYPH, or nil if glyph has default face."
(let ((face-id (lsh glyph -22)))
(let ((face-id (if (consp glyph) (cdr glyph) (lsh glyph -22))))
(and (> face-id 0)
(car (delq nil (mapcar (lambda (face)
(and (eq (get face 'face) face-id)
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