Commit 20e97ae6 authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters
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(calc-kbd-report, calc-kbd-query): Don't bind `executing-kbd-macro'

and `defining-kbd-macro'.
parent b27614ce
......@@ -1344,22 +1344,12 @@
(defun calc-kbd-report (msg)
(interactive "sMessage: ")
(let ((executing-kbd-macro nil)
(defining-kbd-macro nil))
(math-working msg (calc-top-n 1)))))
(math-working msg (calc-top-n 1))))
(defun calc-kbd-query (msg)
(interactive "sPrompt: ")
(let ((executing-kbd-macro nil)
(defining-kbd-macro nil))
(calc-alg-entry nil (and (not (equal msg "")) msg)))))
(calc-alg-entry nil (and (not (equal msg "")) msg))))
;;;; Logical operations.
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