Commit 210cf16d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(pascal-font-lock-keywords): New variable.

(pascal-mode): Set comment-start-skip and comment-end.
Set font-lock-keywords locally.
parent 9e551477
......@@ -146,6 +146,27 @@
(modify-syntax-entry ?_ "w" pascal-mode-syntax-table)
(modify-syntax-entry ?\' "\"" pascal-mode-syntax-table))
(defvar pascal-font-lock-keywords
'("^[ \t]*\\(function\\|pro\\(cedure\\|gram\\)\\)\\>[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)?"
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (3 font-lock-function-name-face nil t))
; ("type" "const" "real" "integer" "char" "boolean" "var"
; "record" "array" "file")
(cons (concat "\\<\\(array\\|boolean\\|c\\(har\\|onst\\)\\|file\\|"
'("\\<\\(label\\|external\\|forward\\)\\>" . font-lock-reference-face)
'("\\<\\([0-9]+\\)[ \t]*:" 1 font-lock-reference-face)
; ("of" "to" "for" "if" "then" "else" "case" "while"
; "do" "until" "and" "or" "not" "in" "with" "repeat" "begin" "end")
(concat "\\<\\("
'("\\<\\(goto\\)\\>[ \t]*\\([0-9]+\\)?"
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (2 font-lock-reference-face nil t)))
"Additional expressions to highlight in Pascal mode.")
(defvar pascal-indent-level 3
"*Indentation of Pascal statements with respect to containing block.")
......@@ -297,6 +318,12 @@ no args, if that value is non-nil."
(setq parse-sexp-ignore-comments t)
(make-local-variable 'case-fold-search)
(setq case-fold-search t)
(make-local-variable 'comment-start-skip)
(setq comment-start-skip "(\\*+ *\\|{ *")
(make-local-variable 'comment-end)
(setq comment-end "}")
(make-local-variable 'font-lock-keywords)
(setq font-lock-keywords pascal-font-lock-keywords)
(run-hooks 'pascal-mode-hook))
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