Commit 2112d731 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(calendar-mayan-haab-to-string): Simplify.

(calendar-mayan-tzolkin-from-absolute): Expand calendar-mod calls.
parent 59492844
......@@ -215,24 +215,22 @@ Echo Mayan date unless NOECHO is non-nil."
(defun calendar-mayan-haab-to-string (haab)
"Convert Mayan HAAB date (a pair) into its traditional written form."
(let ((month (cdr haab))
(day (car haab)))
;; 19th month consists of 5 special days
(if (= month 19)
(format "%d Uayeb" day)
(format "%d %s"
(let ((month (cdr haab)))
(format "%d %s" (car haab) ; day
;; 19th month consists of 5 special days
(if (= month 19) "Uayeb"
(aref calendar-mayan-haab-month-name-array (1- month))))))
(defun calendar-mayan-tzolkin-from-absolute (date)
"Convert absolute DATE into a Mayan tzolkin date (a pair)."
(let* ((long-count (+ date calendar-mayan-days-before-absolute-zero))
(day (calendar-mod
(+ long-count (car calendar-mayan-tzolkin-at-epoch))
(name (calendar-mod
(+ long-count (cdr calendar-mayan-tzolkin-at-epoch))
;; Remainder on division by 13,20 with 13,20 instead of zero.
(day (1+ (mod
(1- (+ long-count (car calendar-mayan-tzolkin-at-epoch)))
(name (1+ (mod
(1- (+ long-count (cdr calendar-mayan-tzolkin-at-epoch)))
(cons day name)))
(defun calendar-mayan-tzolkin-difference (date1 date2)
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