Commit 2153c862 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* admin/charsets/cp51932.awk: No longer print arch-tag.

parent 623717b7
2011-01-15 Glenn Morris <>
* charsets/eucjp-ms.awk: No longer print arch-tag.
* charsets/cp51932.awk, charsets/eucjp-ms.awk: No longer print arch-tag.
* bzrmerge.el (bzrmerge-missing): Add another skip indicator.
(bzrmerge-resolve): Also ignore cl-loaddefs.el.
......@@ -52,8 +52,4 @@ END {
print " (setcar x (cdr x)) (setcdr x tmp)))";
print " map)";
print " (define-translation-table 'cp51932-encode map))";
print "";
print ";; arch-tag: d21c06e5-a548-4dda-8802-c2922ff19da3";
# arch-tag: bbae996b-2d1c-4e85-bb55-ac30146d7504
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