Commit 217eaf69 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

; * lisp/custom.el: Comments.

parent bac7de05
......@@ -765,9 +765,16 @@ Use the :set function to do so. This is useful for customizable options
that are defined before their standard value can really be computed.
E.g. dumped variables whose default depends on run-time information."
;; If it has never been set at all, defvar it so as to mark it
;; special, etc (bug#25770).
;; special, etc (bug#25770). This means we are initializing
;; the variable, and normally any :set function would not apply.
;; For custom-initialize-delay, however, it is documented that "the
;; (delayed) initialization is performed with the :set function".
;; This is needed by eg global-font-lock-mode, which uses
;; custom-initialize-delay but needs the :set function custom-set-minor-mode
;; to also run during initialization. So, long story short, we
;; always do the funcall step, even if symbol was not bound before.
(or (default-boundp symbol)
(eval `(defvar ,symbol nil)))
(eval `(defvar ,symbol nil))) ; reset below, so any value is fine
(funcall (or (get symbol 'custom-set) 'set-default)
(eval (car (or (get symbol 'saved-value) (get symbol 'standard-value))))))
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