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(Visual Line Mode): M-] and M-[ no longer move by logical lines.

parent 45c55e53
......@@ -1222,10 +1222,14 @@ instead of logical lines: @kbd{C-a} (@code{beginning-of-visual-line})
moves to the beginning of the screen line, @kbd{C-e}
(@code{end-of-visual-line}) moves to the end of the screen line, and
@kbd{C-k} (@code{kill-visual-line}) kills text to the end of the
screen line. Furthermore, the commands @kbd{M-]}
(@code{next-logical-line}) and @kbd{M-[}
(@code{previous-logical-line}) move point to the next logical line and
previous logical line respectively.
screen line.
To move by logical lines, use the commands @kbd{M-x
next-logical-line} and @kbd{M-x previous-logical-line}. These move
point to the next logical line and the previous logical line
respectively, regardless of whether Visual Line mode is enabled. If
you use these commands frequently, it may be convenient to assign key
bindings to them. @xref{Init Rebinding}.
By default, word-wrapped lines do not display fringe indicators.
Visual Line mode is often used to edit files that contain many long
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