Commit 219ea611 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/vc/vc-hg.el (vc-hg-command): Doc fix.

parent 8d7b5b5b
2011-02-03 Glenn Morris <>
* vc/vc-hg.el (vc-hg-command): Doc fix.
* term/w32-win.el (libpng-version): Declare for compiler.
* msb.el: No need to load dired while compiling.
......@@ -662,8 +662,8 @@ This runs the command \"hg merge\"."
(defun vc-hg-command (buffer okstatus file-or-list &rest flags)
"A wrapper around `vc-do-command' for use in vc-hg.el.
The difference to vc-do-command is that this function always invokes `hg',
and that it passes `vc-hg-global-switches' to it before FLAGS."
This function differs from vc-do-command in that it invokes
`vc-hg-program', and passes `vc-hg-global-switches' to it before FLAGS."
(apply 'vc-do-command (or buffer "*vc*") okstatus vc-hg-program file-or-list
(if (stringp vc-hg-global-switches)
(cons vc-hg-global-switches flags)
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