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; * etc/NEWS: Fix whitespace.

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......@@ -311,19 +311,23 @@ It raises an error if a bookmark of that name already exists,
unlike `bookmark-set' which silently updates an existing bookmark.
*** `json-pretty-print' and `json-pretty-print-buffer' now maintain
the ordering of object keys by default.
*** New commands `json-pretty-print-ordered' and
`json-pretty-print-buffer-ordered' pretty prints JSON objects with
object keys sorted alphabetically.
** You can recompute the VC state of a file buffer with `M-x vc-refresh-state'
** Prog mode has some support for multi-mode indentation.
See `prog-indentation-context' and `prog-widen'.
** Prettify Symbols mode
*** Prettify Symbols mode supports custom composition predicates. By
overriding the default `prettify-symbols-compose-predicate', modes can
specify in which contexts a symbol map be composed to some unicode
......@@ -346,7 +350,9 @@ and `erc-channel-hide-list' will only hide the specified message types
for the respective specified targets.
** Midnight-mode
*** `midnight-mode' is a proper minor mode.
*** clean-buffer-*-regexps can now specify buffers via predicate functions.
** In xterms, killing text now also sets the CLIPBOARD/PRIMARY selection
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