Commit 21d9bf27 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(comint-run): New command.

(comint-watch-for-password-prompt): New function.
(comint-mode, comint-show-output): Doc fix.

(comint-replace-by-expanded-history): Add enable property.
parent 10bc4f1d
......@@ -81,6 +81,7 @@
;;; c-c c-h comint-dynamic-list-input-ring List input history
;;; Not bound by default in comint-mode (some are in shell mode)
;;; comint-run Run a program under comint-mode
;;; send-invisible Read a line w/o echo, and send to proc
;;; comint-dynamic-complete-filename Complete filename at point.
;;; comint-dynamic-complete-variable Complete variable name at point.
......@@ -289,6 +290,8 @@ This is to work around a bug in Emacs process signalling.")
"Index of last matched history element.")
(defvar comint-matching-input-from-input-string ""
"Input previously used to match input history.")
(put 'comint-replace-by-expanded-history 'menu-enable 'comint-input-autoexpand)
(put 'comint-input-ring 'permanent-local t)
(put 'comint-input-ring-index 'permanent-local t)
(put 'comint-input-autoexpand 'permanent-local t)
......@@ -321,7 +324,7 @@ Input ring expansion is controlled by the variable `comint-input-autoexpand',
and addition is controlled by the variable `comint-input-ignoredups'.
Commands with no default key bindings include `send-invisible',
`comint-dynamic-complete', `comint-list-dynamic-completions', and
`comint-dynamic-complete', `comint-dynamic-list-filename-completions', and
Input to, and output from, the subprocess can cause the window to scroll to
......@@ -500,6 +503,18 @@ the process. Any more args are arguments to PROGRAM."
(comint-exec buffer name program startfile switches)))
(defun comint-run (program)
"Run PROGRAM in a comint buffer and switch to it.
The buffer name is made by surrounding the file name of PROGRAM with `*'s.
The file name is used to make a symbol name, such as `comint-sh-hook', and any
hooks on this symbol are run in the buffer.
See `make-comint' and `comint-exec'."
(interactive "sRun program: ")
(let ((name (file-name-nondirectory program)))
(switch-to-buffer (make-comint name program))
(run-hooks (intern-soft (concat "comint-" name "-hook")))))
(defun comint-exec (buffer name command startfile switches)
"Start up a process in buffer BUFFER for comint modes.
Blasts any old process running in the buffer. Doesn't set the buffer mode.
......@@ -1289,9 +1304,10 @@ in your hook, `comint-mode-hook'."
(if (null arg) (comint-skip-prompt)))
;;; These two functions are for entering text you don't want echoed or
;;; These three functions are for entering text you don't want echoed or
;;; saved -- typically passwords to ftp, telnet, or somesuch.
;;; Just enter m-x send-invisible and type in your line.
;;; Just enter m-x send-invisible and type in your line, or add
;;; `comint-watch-for-password-prompt' to `comint-output-filter-functions'.
(defun comint-read-noecho (prompt &optional stars)
"Read a single line of text from user without echoing, and return it.
......@@ -1349,12 +1365,20 @@ Security bug: your string can still be temporarily recovered with
(interactive "P") ; Defeat snooping via C-x esc
(let ((proc (get-buffer-process (current-buffer))))
(if (not proc) (error "Current buffer has no process")
(comint-send-string proc
(if (stringp str) str
(comint-read-noecho "Non-echoed text: " t)))
(comint-send-string proc "\n"))))
(if (not proc)
(error "Current buffer has no process")
proc (if (stringp str) str (comint-read-noecho "Non-echoed text: " t)))
(comint-send-string proc "\n"))))
(defun comint-watch-for-password-prompt (string)
"Prompt in the minibuffer for password and send without echoing.
This function uses `send-invisible' to read and send a password to the buffer's
process if STRING contains a password prompt (matches \"^[Pp]assword:\\\\s *\\\\'\").
This function could be in the list `comint-output-filter-functions'."
(if (string-match "^[Pp]assword:\\s *\\'" string)
(send-invisible nil)))
;;; Low-level process communication
......@@ -1401,7 +1425,7 @@ Does not delete the prompt."
(defun comint-show-output ()
"Display start of this batch of interpreter output at top of window.
Also put cursor there if the current position is not visible."
Sets mark to the value of point when this command is run."
(let ((pos (point)))
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