Commit 2254bcde authored by Andrew Innes's avatar Andrew Innes

(Ffile_system_info): New function.

(syms_of_w32fns): Defsubr it.
parent 605e284f
......@@ -13184,6 +13184,101 @@ is set to off if the low bit of NEW-STATE is zero, otherwise on.")
return Qnil;
DEFUN ("file-system-info", Ffile_system_info, Sfile_system_info, 1, 1, 0,
"Return storage information about the file system FILENAME is on.\n\
Value is a list of floats (TOTAL FREE AVAIL), where TOTAL is the total\n\
storage of the file system, FREE is the free storage, and AVAIL is the\n\
storage available to a non-superuser. All 3 numbers are in bytes.\n\
If the underlying system call fails, value is nil.")
Lisp_Object filename;
Lisp_Object encoded, value;
CHECK_STRING (filename, 0);
filename = Fexpand_file_name (filename, Qnil);
encoded = ENCODE_FILE (filename);
value = Qnil;
/* Determining the required information on Windows turns out, sadly,
to be more involved than one would hope. The original Win32 api
call for this will return bogus information on some systems, but we
must dynamically probe for the replacement api, since that was
added rather late on. */
HMODULE hKernel = GetModuleHandle ("kernel32");
BOOL (*pfn_GetDiskFreeSpaceEx)
= (void *) GetProcAddress (hKernel, "GetDiskFreeSpaceEx");
/* On Windows, we may need to specify the root directory of the
volume holding FILENAME. */
char rootname[MAX_PATH];
char *name = XSTRING (encoded)->data;
/* find the root name of the volume if given */
if (isalpha (name[0]) && name[1] == ':')
rootname[0] = name[0];
rootname[1] = name[1];
rootname[2] = '\\';
rootname[3] = 0;
else if (IS_DIRECTORY_SEP (name[0]) && IS_DIRECTORY_SEP (name[1]))
char *str = rootname;
int slashes = 4;
if (IS_DIRECTORY_SEP (*name) && --slashes == 0)
*str++ = *name++;
while ( *name );
*str++ = '\\';
*str = 0;
if (pfn_GetDiskFreeSpaceEx)
LARGE_INTEGER availbytes;
LARGE_INTEGER freebytes;
LARGE_INTEGER totalbytes;
if (pfn_GetDiskFreeSpaceEx(rootname,
value = list3 (make_float ((double) totalbytes.QuadPart),
make_float ((double) freebytes.QuadPart),
make_float ((double) availbytes.QuadPart));
DWORD sectors_per_cluster;
DWORD bytes_per_sector;
DWORD free_clusters;
DWORD total_clusters;
if (GetDiskFreeSpace(rootname,
value = list3 (make_float ((double) total_clusters
* sectors_per_cluster * bytes_per_sector),
make_float ((double) free_clusters
* sectors_per_cluster * bytes_per_sector),
make_float ((double) free_clusters
* sectors_per_cluster * bytes_per_sector));
return value;
syms_of_w32fns ()
/* This is zero if not using MS-Windows. */
......@@ -13643,6 +13738,8 @@ versions of Windows) characters.");
defsubr (&Sw32_toggle_lock_key);
defsubr (&Sw32_find_bdf_fonts);
defsubr (&Sfile_system_info);
/* Setting callback functions for fontset handler. */
get_font_info_func = w32_get_font_info;
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