Commit 22760ab3 authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas Committed by Eli Zaretskii

Add tests for bookmark.el (Bug#36452)

* test/lisp/bookmark-resources/example.txt:
* test/lisp/bookmark-resources/test.bmk:
* test/lisp/bookmark-tests.el: New files.
* lisp/bookmark.el: Minor cleanups.
(bookmark-insert-annotation): Signal error on invalid bookmark.
(bookmark-write-file): Add newline at end of file.
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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
;; Author: Karl Fogel <>
;; Created: July, 1993
;; Keywords: bookmarks, placeholders, annotations
;; Keywords: convenience
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -50,8 +50,7 @@
(defcustom bookmark-use-annotations nil
"If non-nil, setting a bookmark queries for an annotation in a buffer."
:type 'boolean
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom bookmark-save-flag t
......@@ -71,14 +70,11 @@ behavior.)
To specify the file in which to save them, modify the variable
:type '(choice (const nil) integer (other t))
:group 'bookmark)
:type '(choice (const nil) integer (other t)))
(define-obsolete-variable-alias 'bookmark-old-default-file
'bookmark-default-file "27.1")
(define-obsolete-variable-alias 'bookmark-file 'bookmark-default-file "27.1")
(defcustom bookmark-default-file
(locate-user-emacs-file "bookmarks" ".emacs.bmk")
......@@ -86,8 +82,7 @@ To specify the file in which to save them, modify the variable
;; The current default file is defined via the internal variable
;; `bookmark-bookmarks-timestamp'. This does not affect the value
;; of `bookmark-default-file'.
:type 'file
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'file)
(defcustom bookmark-watch-bookmark-file t
"If non-nil watch the default bookmark file.
......@@ -108,35 +103,30 @@ just use the value of `version-control'."
:type '(choice (const :tag "If existing" nil)
(const :tag "Never" never)
(const :tag "Use value of option `version-control'" nospecial)
(other :tag "Always" t))
:group 'bookmark)
(other :tag "Always" t)))
(defcustom bookmark-completion-ignore-case t
"Non-nil means bookmark functions ignore case in completion."
:type 'boolean
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom bookmark-sort-flag t
"Non-nil means that bookmarks will be displayed sorted by bookmark name.
Otherwise they will be displayed in LIFO order (that is, most
recently set ones come first, oldest ones come last)."
:type 'boolean
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom bookmark-automatically-show-annotations t
"Non-nil means show annotations when jumping to a bookmark."
:type 'boolean
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom bookmark-bmenu-use-header-line t
"Non-nil means to use an immovable header line.
This is as opposed to inline text at the top of the buffer."
:version "24.4"
:type 'boolean
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'boolean)
(defconst bookmark-bmenu-inline-header-height 2
"Number of lines used for the *Bookmark List* header.
......@@ -150,36 +140,30 @@ This includes the annotations column.")
(defcustom bookmark-bmenu-file-column 30
"Column at which to display filenames in a buffer listing bookmarks.
You can toggle whether files are shown with \\<bookmark-bmenu-mode-map>\\[bookmark-bmenu-toggle-filenames]."
:type 'integer
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'integer)
(defcustom bookmark-bmenu-toggle-filenames t
"Non-nil means show filenames when listing bookmarks.
A non-nil value may result in truncated bookmark names."
:type 'boolean
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'boolean)
(defface bookmark-menu-bookmark
'((t (:weight bold)))
"Face used to highlight bookmark names in bookmark menu buffers."
:group 'bookmark)
"Face used to highlight bookmark names in bookmark menu buffers.")
(defcustom bookmark-menu-length 70
"Maximum length of a bookmark name displayed on a popup menu."
:type 'integer
:group 'bookmark)
:type 'integer)
;; FIXME: Is it really worth a customization option?
(defcustom bookmark-search-delay 0.2
"Time before `bookmark-bmenu-search' updates the display."
:group 'bookmark
:type 'number)
(defface bookmark-menu-heading
'((t (:inherit font-lock-type-face)))
"Face used to highlight the heading in bookmark menu buffers."
:group 'bookmark
:version "22.1")
......@@ -279,8 +263,6 @@ defaults to `bookmark-default-file' and MODTIME is its modification time.")
(defvar bookmark-file-coding-system nil
"The coding-system of the last loaded or saved bookmark file.")
;; more stuff added by db.
(defvar bookmark-current-bookmark nil
"Name of bookmark most recently used in the current file.
It is buffer local, used to make moving a bookmark forward
......@@ -937,6 +919,8 @@ It takes one argument, the name of the bookmark, as a string.")
(defun bookmark-insert-annotation (bookmark-name-or-record)
"Insert annotation for BOOKMARK-NAME-OR-RECORD at point."
(when (not (bookmark-get-bookmark bookmark-name-or-record t))
(error "Invalid bookmark: %s" bookmark-name-or-record))
(insert (funcall bookmark-edit-annotation-text-func bookmark-name-or-record))
(let ((annotation (bookmark-get-annotation bookmark-name-or-record)))
(if (and annotation (not (string-equal annotation "")))
......@@ -1449,7 +1433,7 @@ for a file, defaulting to the file defined by variable
;; Apparently `pp' has a poor algorithmic complexity, so this
;; scales a lot better. bug#4485.
(dolist (i bookmark-alist) (pp i (current-buffer)))
(insert ")")
(insert ")\n")
;; Make sure the specified encoding can safely encode the
;; bookmarks. If it cannot, suggest utf-8-emacs as default.
(with-coding-priority '(utf-8-emacs)
This text file is used by bookmark-tests.el
;; example.txt ends here.
;;;; Emacs Bookmark Format Version 1 ;;;; -*- coding: utf-8-emacs -*-
;;; This format is meant to be slightly human-readable;
;;; nevertheless, you probably don't want to edit it.
;;; -*- End Of Bookmark File Format Version Stamp -*-
(filename . "/some/file")
(front-context-string . "abc")
(rear-context-string . "def")
(position . 3))
;;; bookmark-tests.el --- Tests for bookmark.el -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Stefan Kangas <>
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(require 'ert)
(require 'bookmark)
(defvar bookmark-tests-data-dir
(expand-file-name "bookmark-resources/"
(file-name-directory (or load-file-name
"Base directory of bookmark-tests.el data files.")
(defvar bookmark-tests-bookmark-file
(expand-file-name "test.bmk" bookmark-tests-data-dir)
"Bookmark file used for testing.")
(defvar bookmark-tests-example-file
;; We use abbreviate-file-name here to match the behaviour of
;; `bookmark-buffer-file-name'.
(abbreviate-file-name (expand-file-name "example.txt" bookmark-tests-data-dir))
"Example file used for testing.")
;; The values below should match `bookmark-tests-bookmark-file'. We cache
;; these values to speed up tests by avoiding unnecessary I/O. This
;; makes tests run 5-10 times faster on my system.
(eval-and-compile ; needed by `with-bookmark-test' macro
(defvar bookmark-tests-bookmark '("name"
(filename . "/some/file")
(front-context-string . "abc")
(rear-context-string . "def")
(position . 3))
"Cached value used in bookmark-tests.el."))
(defvar bookmark-tests-cache-timestamp
(cons bookmark-tests-bookmark-file
(nth 5 (file-attributes
"Cached value used in bookmark-tests.el.")
(defmacro with-bookmark-test (&rest body)
"Create environment for testing bookmark.el and evaluate BODY.
Ensure a clean environment for testing, and do not change user
data when running tests interactively."
(let ((bookmark-alist (quote (,(copy-sequence bookmark-tests-bookmark))))
(bookmark-default-file bookmark-tests-bookmark-file)
(bookmark-bookmarks-timestamp bookmark-tests-cache-timestamp)
(defmacro with-bookmark-test-file (&rest body)
"Create environment for testing bookmark.el and evaluate BODY.
Same as `with-bookmark-test' but also opens the resource file
example.txt in a buffer, which can be accessed by callers through
the lexically-bound variable `buffer'."
`(let ((buffer (find-file-noselect bookmark-tests-example-file)))
(kill-buffer buffer))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-all-names ()
(should (equal (bookmark-all-names) '("name")))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-get-bookmark ()
(should (equal (bookmark-get-bookmark "name") bookmark-tests-bookmark))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-get-bookmark-record ()
(should (equal (bookmark-get-bookmark-record "name") (cdr bookmark-tests-bookmark)))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-record-getters-and-setters-new ()
(let* ((buffer-file-name "test")
(bmk (bookmark-make-record)))
(bookmark-set-name bmk "foobar")
(should (equal (bookmark-name-from-full-record bmk) "foobar"))
(bookmark-set-filename bmk "file/name")
(should (equal (bookmark-get-filename bmk) "file/name"))
(bookmark-set-position bmk 123)
(should (equal (bookmark-get-position bmk) 123))
(bookmark-set-front-context-string bmk "front")
(should (equal (bookmark-get-front-context-string bmk) "front"))
(bookmark-set-rear-context-string bmk "rear")
(should (equal (bookmark-get-rear-context-string bmk) "rear"))
(bookmark-prop-set bmk 'filename "prop")
(should (equal (bookmark-prop-get bmk 'filename) "prop")))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-maybe-historicize-string ()
(let ((bookmark-history))
(bookmark-maybe-historicize-string "foo")
(should (equal (car bookmark-history) "foo"))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-make-record ()
(let* ((record `("example.txt" (filename . ,bookmark-tests-example-file)
(front-context-string . "is text file is ")
(position . 3)
(defaults "example.txt"))))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(goto-char 3)
(should (equal (bookmark-make-record) record))
;; calling twice gives same record
(should (equal (bookmark-make-record) record))))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-make-record-function ()
(let ((buffer-file-name "test"))
;; Named bookmark
(let ((bookmark-make-record-function (lambda () '("<name>"))))
(should (equal (bookmark-make-record)
;; SECOND format
(let ((bookmark-make-record-function (lambda () '(((position . 2))))))
(should (equal (bookmark-make-record)
'("test" ((position . 2) (defaults "test"))))))
;; CURRENT format
(let ((bookmark-make-record-function (lambda () '((position . 2)))))
(should (equal (bookmark-make-record)
'("test" (position . 2) (defaults "test"))))))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-set ()
(let ((bmk1 `("foo" (filename . ,bookmark-tests-example-file)
(front-context-string . "This text file i")
(position . 1)))
(bmk2 `("foo" (filename . ,bookmark-tests-example-file)
(rear-context-string . ".txt ends here.\n")
(position . 72)))
(with-current-buffer buffer
;; 1. bookmark-set
;; Set first bookmark
(goto-char (point-min))
(bookmark-set "foo")
(should (equal bookmark-alist (list bmk1)))
;; Replace that bookmark
(goto-char (point-max))
(bookmark-set "foo")
(should (equal bookmark-alist (list bmk2)))
;; Push another bookmark with the same name
(goto-char (point-min))
(bookmark-set "foo" t) ; NO-OVERWRITE is t
(should (equal bookmark-alist (list bmk1 bmk2)))
;; 2. bookmark-set-no-overwrite
;; Don't overwrite
(should-error (bookmark-set-no-overwrite "foo"))
;; Set new bookmark
(setq bookmark-alist nil)
(bookmark-set-no-overwrite "foo")
(should (equal bookmark-alist (list bmk1)))
;; Push another bookmark with the same name
(goto-char (point-max))
(bookmark-set-no-overwrite "foo" t) ; PUSH-BOOKMARK is t
(should (equal bookmark-alist (list bmk2 bmk1)))
;; 3. bookmark-set-internal
(should-error (bookmark-set-internal "foo" "bar" t))))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-kill-line ()
(insert "foobar\n")
(goto-char (point-min))
(should (equal (buffer-string) "\n")))
(insert "foobar\n")
(goto-char (point-min))
(bookmark-kill-line t) ; including newline
(should (equal (buffer-string) ""))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-default-annotation-text ()
(should (stringp (bookmark-default-annotation-text "foo")))
(should (string-match "foo" (bookmark-default-annotation-text "foo"))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-insert-annotation ()
(should-error (bookmark-insert-annotation "a missing bookmark"))
(bookmark-insert-annotation "name")
(should (equal (buffer-string) (bookmark-default-annotation-text "name"))))
(bookmark-set-annotation "name" "some stuff")
(bookmark-insert-annotation "name")
(should (string-match "some stuff" (buffer-string)))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-edit-annotation ()
(bookmark-edit-annotation "name")
(insert "new text")
(should (equal (bookmark-get-annotation "name") "new text"))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-jump ()
(with-current-buffer buffer
(bookmark-set "test"))
(bookmark-jump "test")
(should (equal (current-buffer) buffer))
(should-error (bookmark-jump nil))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-insert-location ()
(bookmark-insert-location "name")
(should (equal (buffer-string) "/some/file"))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-location ()
(should (equal (bookmark-location "name") "/some/file"))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-rename ()
(bookmark-rename "name" "newname")
(should (equal (bookmark-all-names) '("newname")))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-insert ()
(with-current-buffer buffer
(bookmark-set "test"))
(bookmark-insert "test")
(should (string-match "^This text file is used by bookmark-tests.el"
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-delete ()
(bookmark-delete "name")
(should (equal bookmark-alist nil))))
(defmacro with-bookmark-test-save-load (&rest body)
"Create environment for testing bookmark.el and evaluate BODY.
Same as `with-bookmark-test' but also sets a temporary
`bookmark-default-file', evaluates BODY, and then runs the test
that saves and then loads the bookmark file."
(let ((file (make-temp-file "bookmark-tests-")))
(let ((bookmark-default-file file)
(old-alist bookmark-alist))
(bookmark-save nil file t)
(setq bookmark-alist nil)
(bookmark-load file nil t)
(should (equal bookmark-alist old-alist)))
(delete-file file)))))
(defvar bookmark-tests-non-ascii-data
(concat "Здра́вствуйте!" "中文,普通话,汉语" "åäöøñ"
"こんにちは" "你好" "Dobrý deň"
"∀ p ∈ world • hello p □"
;; These do not yield valid UTF-8 byte sequences.
;; WARNING: If you try to evaluate the first one of these,
;; there is a risk that Emacs will crash. Buyer beware.
(decode-coding-string "\xE3\x32\x9A\x36" 'chinese-gb18030)
(char-to-string (decode-char 'eight-bit #x81))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-save ()
;; Just run the default test according to the macro.
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-save/non-ascii-bookmark-name ()
(bookmark-set-name "name" bookmark-tests-non-ascii-data)))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-save/non-ascii-annotation ()
(bookmark-set-annotation "name" bookmark-tests-non-ascii-data)))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-maybe-rename ()
(let ((bookmark '("foo")))
(bookmark-maybe-rename bookmark '("foo"))
(should (equal bookmark '("foo<2>")))))
(ert-deftest bookmark-tests-load ()
(should-error (bookmark-load "no/such/file"))
(let* ((bookmark-alist '()))
(bookmark-load bookmark-tests-bookmark-file nil t)
(should (equal bookmark-alist (list bookmark-tests-bookmark)))
(bookmark-load bookmark-tests-bookmark-file t t) ; OVERWRITE is t
(should (equal bookmark-alist (list bookmark-tests-bookmark)))
;; Append
(bookmark-load bookmark-tests-bookmark-file nil t) ; OVERWRITE is nil
(should (equal bookmark-alist
(list bookmark-tests-bookmark
(cons "name<2>" (cdr bookmark-tests-bookmark))))))))
;; TODO: Add tests for bookmark-bmenu.
(provide 'bookmark-tests)
;;; bookmark-tests.el ends here
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