Commit 2297e912 authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath
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(dired-do-tags-search, dired-do-tags-query-replace): New functions.

parent 866a7035
......@@ -1857,6 +1857,28 @@ Use \\[dired-hide-subdir] to (un)hide a particular subdirectory."
;;;###end dired-ins.el
;; Functions for searching in tags style among marked files.
(defun dired-do-tags-search (regexp)
"Search through all marked files for a match for REGEXP.
Stops when a match is found.
To continue searching for next match, use command \\[tags-loop-continue]."
(interactive "sSearch marked files (regexp): ")
(tags-search regexp '(dired-get-marked-files)))
(defun dired-do-tags-query-replace (from to &optional delimited)
"Query-replace-regexp FROM with TO through all marked files.
Third arg DELIMITED (prefix arg) means replace only word-delimited matches.
If you exit (\\[keyboard-quit] or ESC), you can resume the query-replace
with the command \\[tags-loop-continue]."
"sQuery replace in marked files (regexp): \nsQuery replace %s by: \nP")
(tags-query-replace from to delimited '(dired-get-marked-files)))
(provide 'dired-aux)
;;; dired-aux.el ends here
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