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Initial documentation for dynamic modules

* etc/NEWS: Mention the new support for dynamically loaded modules.

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......@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ otherwise leave it unmarked.
This builds Emacs with Cairo drawing. As a side effect, it provides
support for built-in printing, when Emacs was built with GTK+.
** New configure option --with-modules.
This enables support for loading dynamic modules; see below.
** By default, Emacs no longer works on IRIX. We expect that Emacs
users are not affected by this, as SGI stopped supporting IRIX in
......@@ -302,6 +305,14 @@ header.
which specifies an alternative printing method which is faster when
few or no entries have changed.
** Emacs can now load shared/dynamic libraries (modules) that expose a
C interface. Such modules can provide additional functions or
otherwise interact with Emacs just like Lisp code. Modules have to
export a function `emacs_module_init' and conform to the API laid out
in emacs-module.h. Modules are disabled by default and need to be
enabled using the --with-modules configure flag. They are
experimental and subject to change.
* Editing Changes in Emacs 25.1
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