Commit 22b5692c authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(vc-svn-diff): Revert previous change but add a test

for newvars is nil. (C-u C-x v = with default values).
parent 77900a45
......@@ -483,6 +483,19 @@ or svn+ssh://."
(defun vc-svn-diff (files &optional oldvers newvers buffer)
"Get a difference report using SVN between two revisions of fileset FILES."
(and oldvers
(not newvers)
(catch 'no
(dolist (f files)
(or (equal oldvers (vc-working-revision f))
(throw 'no nil)))
;; Use nil rather than the current revision because svn handles
;; it better (i.e. locally). Note that if _any_ of the files
;; has a different revision, we fetch the lot, which is
;; obviously sub-optimal.
(setq oldvers nil))
(let* ((switches
(if vc-svn-diff-switches
(vc-switches 'SVN 'diff)
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