Commit 22bbbd42 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(struct handler): New field chosen_clause.

(memory_signal_data): Declare it.
parent 9dd935ee
......@@ -905,6 +905,9 @@ struct handler
/* The handler clauses and variable from the condition-case form. */
Lisp_Object handler;
Lisp_Object var;
/* Fsignal stores here the condition-case clause that applies,
and Fcondition_case thus knows which clause to run. */
Lisp_Object chosen_clause;
/* Used to effect the longjump out to the handler. */
struct catchtag *tag;
......@@ -918,6 +921,8 @@ extern struct handler *handlerlist;
extern struct catchtag *catchlist;
extern struct backtrace *backtrace_list;
extern Lisp_Object memory_signal_data;
/* An address near the bottom of the stack.
Tells GC how to save a copy of the stack. */
extern char *stack_bottom;
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