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; * etc/NEWS: Mention 2 newly introduced variables.

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......@@ -28,6 +28,24 @@ otherwise leave it unmarked.
** 'configure' detects the kqueue file notification library on *BSD
and Mac OS X machines.
* Changes in Emacs 25.2
** It is possible to disable attempted recovery on fatal signals
Two new variables allow to disable attempts to recover from stack
overflow and to avoid automatic auto-save when Emacs is delivered a
fatal signal. `attempt-stack-overflow-recovery', if set to `nil',
will disable attempts to recover from C stack overflows; Emacs will
then crash as with any other fatal signal.
`attempt-orderly-shutdown-on-fatal-signal', if set to `nil', will
disable attempts to auto-save the session and shut down in an orderly
fashion when Emacs receives a fatal signal; instead, Emacs will
terminate immediately. Both variables are non-`nil' by default.
These variables are for users who would like to avoid the small
probability of data corruption due to techniques Emacs uses to recover
in these situations.
* Changes in Specialized Modes and Packages in Emacs 25.2
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