Commit 22d99801 authored by João Távora's avatar João Távora

Fix Flymake's treatment of region-specific reports

We're supposed to delete intersecting diagnostics in that situation,
but the intersection logic was way off.

* lisp/progmodes/flymake.el (version): Bump to 1.0.7.
(flymake--intersects-p): New helper.
(flymake--handle-report): Fix handling of :region.
parent 619592df
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
;; Author: Pavel Kobyakov <>
;; Maintainer: João Távora <>
;; Version: 1.0.6
;; Version: 1.0.7
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "26.1"))
;; Keywords: c languages tools
......@@ -697,6 +697,14 @@ backend is operating normally.")
"Tell if Flymake has running backends in this buffer"
;; FIXME: clone of `isearch-intesects-p'! Make this an util.
(defun flymake--intersects-p (start0 end0 start1 end1)
"Return t if regions START0..END0 and START1..END1 intersect."
(or (and (>= start0 start1) (< start0 end1))
(and (> end0 start1) (<= end0 end1))
(and (>= start1 start0) (< start1 end0))
(and (> end1 start0) (<= end1 end0))))
(cl-defun flymake--handle-report (backend token report-action
&key explanation force region
......@@ -744,9 +752,12 @@ report applies to that region."
(cl-loop for diag in (flymake--backend-state-diags state)
if (or (> (flymake--diag-end diag) (car region))
(< (flymake--diag-beg diag) (cdr region)))
do (delete-overlay (flymake--diag-overlay diag))
for ov = (flymake--diag-overlay diag)
if (or (not (overlay-buffer ov))
(overlay-start ov) (overlay-end ov)
(car region) (cdr region)))
do (delete-overlay ov)
else collect diag into surviving
finally (setf (flymake--backend-state-diags state)
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