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Merge from pending; try to fix-up suboptimal ses ChangeLog.

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2012-04-17 Stefan Monnier <>
* emacs-lisp/smie.el: Provide smarter auto-filling.
(smie-auto-fill): New function.
(smie-setup): Use it.
* newcomment.el (comment-choose-indent): Obey comment-inline-offset.
2012-04-17 Philipp Haselwarter <> (tiny change)
* newcomment.el (comment-inline-offset): New custom var (bug#11090).
(comment-indent): Use it.
2012-04-17 Vincent Belaïche <>
* ses.el: The overall change is to add cell renaming, that is
setting fancy names for cell symbols other than name matching
"\\`[A-Z]+[0-9]+\\'" regexp .
(ses-localvars): Add ses--renamed-cell-symb-list.
(ses-create-cell-variable): New defun.
(ses-destroy-cell-variable-range): Respect ses--numrows, ses--numcols.
(ses-relocate-formula): Relocate formulas only for cells the
symbols of which are not renamed, i.e. symbols whose names do not
match regexp "\\`[A-Z]+[0-9]+\\'".
(ses-relocate-all): Relocate values only for cells the symbols of
which are not renamed.
(ses-load): Create cells variables as the (ses-cell ...) are read,
in order to check row col consistency with cell symbol name only
for cells that are not renamed.
(ses-replace-name-in-formula): New defun.
(ses-rename-cell): New defun.
2012-04-17 Peter Oliver <> (tiny change)
* progmodes/perl-mode.el (perl-indent-parens-as-block):
......@@ -1602,6 +1602,38 @@ to which that point should be aligned, if we were to reindent it.")
(save-excursion (indent-line-to indent))
(indent-line-to indent)))))
(defun smie-auto-fill ()
(let ((fc (current-fill-column))
(try-again nil))
(while (and fc (> (current-column) fc))
((not (or (nth 8 (save-excursion
(syntax-ppss (line-beginning-position))))
(nth 8 (syntax-ppss))))
(let ((bsf (point))
(gain 0)
(while (<= (setq curcol (current-column)) fc)
;; FIXME? `smie-indent-calculate' can (and often will)
;; return a result that actually depends on the presence/absence
;; of a newline, so the gain computed here may not be accurate,
;; but in practice it seems to works well enough.
(let* ((newcol (smie-indent-calculate))
(newgain (- curcol newcol)))
(when (> newgain gain)
(setq gain newgain)
(setq bsf (point))))
(when (> gain 0)
(setq try-again)
(goto-char bsf)
(t (do-auto-fill))))))
(defun smie-setup (grammar rules-function &rest keywords)
"Setup SMIE navigation and indentation.
GRAMMAR is a grammar table generated by `smie-prec2->grammar'.
......@@ -1612,6 +1644,7 @@ KEYWORDS are additional arguments, which can use the following keywords:
(set (make-local-variable 'smie-rules-function) rules-function)
(set (make-local-variable 'smie-grammar) grammar)
(set (make-local-variable 'indent-line-function) 'smie-indent-line)
(set (make-local-variable 'normal-auto-fill-function) 'smie-auto-fill)
(set (make-local-variable 'forward-sexp-function)
(while keywords
......@@ -269,6 +269,19 @@ makes the comment easier to read. Default is 1. nil means 0."
:type '(choice string integer (const nil))
:group 'comment)
(defcustom comment-inline-offset 1
"Inline comments have to be preceded by at least this many spaces.
This is useful when style-conventions require a certain minimal offset.
Python's PEP8 for example recommends two spaces, so you could do:
\(add-hook 'python-mode-hook
(lambda () (set (make-local-variable 'comment-inline-offset) 2)))
See `comment-padding' for whole-line comments."
:version "24.2"
:type 'integer
:group 'comment)
(defcustom comment-multi-line nil
"Non-nil means `comment-indent-new-line' continues comments.
......@@ -587,7 +600,7 @@ Point is expected to be at the start of the comment."
(save-excursion (end-of-line) (current-column)))))
(other nil)
(min (save-excursion (skip-chars-backward " \t")
(if (bolp) 0 (1+ (current-column))))))
(if (bolp) 0 (+ comment-inline-offset (current-column))))))
;; Fix up the range.
(if (< max min) (setq max min))
;; Don't move past the fill column.
......@@ -687,7 +700,8 @@ If CONTINUE is non-nil, use the `comment-continue' markers if any."
(skip-chars-backward " \t")
(unless (bolp)
(setq indent (max indent (1+ (current-column))))))
(setq indent (max indent
(+ (current-column) comment-inline-offset)))))
;; If that's different from comment's current position, change it.
(unless (= (current-column) indent)
(delete-region (point) (progn (skip-chars-backward " \t") (point)))
......@@ -282,6 +282,9 @@ default printer and then modify its output.")
ses--numcols ses--numrows ses--symbolic-formulas
ses--data-marker ses--params-marker (ses--Dijkstra-attempt-nb . 0)
;; This list is useful to speed-up clean-up of symbols when
;; an area containing renamed cell is deleted.
;; Global variables that we override
mode-line-process next-line-add-newlines transient-mark-mode)
"Buffer-local variables used by SES.")
......@@ -674,6 +677,17 @@ for this spreadsheet."
(put sym 'ses-cell (cons xrow xcol))
(make-local-variable sym)))))
(defun ses-create-cell-variable (sym row col)
"Create a buffer-local variable `SYM' for cell at position (ROW, COL).
SYM is the symbol for that variable, ROW and COL are integers for
row and column of the cell, with numbering starting from 0.
Return nil in case of failure."
(unless (local-variable-p sym)
(make-local-variable sym)
(put sym 'ses-cell (cons row col))))
;; We do not delete the ses-cell properties for the cell-variables, in
;; case a formula that refers to this cell is in the kill-ring and is
;; later pasted back in.
......@@ -682,7 +696,10 @@ for this spreadsheet."
(let (sym)
(dotimes (row (1+ (- maxrow minrow)))
(dotimes (col (1+ (- maxcol mincol)))
(setq sym (ses-create-cell-symbol (+ row minrow) (+ col mincol)))
(let ((xrow (+ row minrow)) (xcol (+ col mincol)))
(setq sym (if (and (< xrow ses--numrows) (< xcol ses--numcols))
(ses-cell-symbol xrow xcol)
(ses-create-cell-symbol xrow xcol))))
(if (boundp sym)
(push `(apply ses-set-with-undo ,sym ,(symbol-value sym))
......@@ -1400,7 +1417,8 @@ removed. Example:
Sets `ses-relocate-return' to 'delete if cell-references were removed."
(let (rowcol result)
(if (or (atom formula) (eq (car formula) 'quote))
(if (setq rowcol (ses-sym-rowcol formula))
(if (and (setq rowcol (ses-sym-rowcol formula))
(string-match "\\`[A-Z]+[0-9]+\\'" (symbol-name formula)))
(ses-relocate-symbol formula rowcol
startrow startcol rowincr colincr)
formula) ; Pass through as-is.
......@@ -1508,14 +1526,15 @@ if the range was altered."
to each symbol."
(let (reform)
(let (mycell newval)
(let (mycell newval xrow)
(row ses--numrows) "Relocating formulas..."
(dotimes (col ses--numcols)
(setq ses-relocate-return nil
mycell (ses-get-cell row col)
newval (ses-relocate-formula (ses-cell-formula mycell)
minrow mincol rowincr colincr))
minrow mincol rowincr colincr)
xrow (- row rowincr))
(ses-set-cell row col 'formula newval)
(if (eq ses-relocate-return 'range)
;; This cell contains a (ses-range X Y) where a cell has been
......@@ -1531,8 +1550,22 @@ to each symbol."
minrow mincol rowincr colincr))
(ses-set-cell row col 'references newval)
(and (>= row minrow) (>= col mincol)
(ses-set-cell row col 'symbol
(ses-create-cell-symbol row col))))))
(let ((sym (ses-cell-symbol row col))
(xcol (- col colincr)))
(if (and
(>= xrow 0)
(>= xcol 0)
(null (eq sym
(ses-create-cell-symbol xrow xcol))))
;; This is a renamed cell, do not update the cell
;; name, but just update the coordinate property.
(put sym 'ses-cell (cons row col))
(ses-set-cell row col 'symbol
(setq sym (ses-create-cell-symbol row col)))
(unless (and (boundp sym) (local-variable-p sym))
(set (make-local-variable sym) nil)
(put sym 'ses-cell (cons row col)))))) )))
;; Relocate the cell values.
(let (oldval myrow mycol xrow xcol)
......@@ -1545,11 +1578,17 @@ to each symbol."
(setq mycol (+ col mincol)
xrow (- myrow rowincr)
xcol (- mycol colincr))
(if (and (< xrow ses--numrows) (< xcol ses--numcols))
(setq oldval (ses-cell-value xrow xcol))
;; Cell is off the end of the array.
(setq oldval (symbol-value (ses-create-cell-symbol xrow xcol))))
(ses-set-cell myrow mycol 'value oldval))))
(let ((sym (ses-cell-symbol myrow mycol))
(xsym (ses-create-cell-symbol xrow xcol)))
;; Make the value relocation only when if the cell is not
;; a renamed cell. Otherwise this is not needed.
(and (eq sym xsym)
(ses-set-cell myrow mycol 'value
(if (and (< xrow ses--numrows) (< xcol ses--numcols))
(ses-cell-value xrow xcol)
;;Cell is off the end of the array
(symbol-value xsym))))))))
((and (wholenump rowincr) (wholenump colincr))
;; Insertion of rows and/or columns. Run the loop backwards.
(let ((disty (1- ses--numrows))
......@@ -1659,7 +1698,6 @@ Does not execute cell formulas or print functions."
(message "Upgrading from SES-1 file format")))
(or (= ses--file-format 2)
(error "This file needs a newer version of the SES library code"))
(ses-create-cell-variable-range 0 (1- ses--numrows) 0 (1- ses--numcols))
;; Initialize cell array.
(setq ses--cells (make-vector ses--numrows nil))
(dotimes (row ses--numrows)
......@@ -1679,11 +1717,10 @@ Does not execute cell formulas or print functions."
(dotimes (row ses--numrows)
(dotimes (col ses--numcols)
(let* ((x (read (current-buffer)))
(rowcol (ses-sym-rowcol (car-safe (cdr-safe x)))))
(sym (car-safe (cdr-safe x))))
(or (and (looking-at "\n")
(eq (car-safe x) 'ses-cell)
(eq row (car rowcol))
(eq col (cdr rowcol)))
(ses-create-cell-variable sym row col))
(error "Cell-def error"))
(eval x)))
(or (looking-at "\n\n")
......@@ -3140,6 +3177,63 @@ highlighted range in the spreadsheet."
(mouse-set-point event)
(defun ses-replace-name-in-formula (formula old-name new-name)
(let ((new-formula formula))
(unless (and (consp formula)
(eq (car-safe formula) 'quote))
(while formula
(let ((elt (car-safe formula)))
((consp elt)
(setcar formula (ses-replace-name-in-formula elt old-name new-name)))
((and (symbolp elt)
(eq (car-safe formula) old-name))
(setcar formula new-name))))
(setq formula (cdr formula))))
(defun ses-rename-cell (new-name)
"Rename current cell."
(interactive "*SEnter new name: ")
(and (local-variable-p new-name)
(ses-sym-rowcol new-name)
;; this test is needed because ses-cell property of deleted cells
;; is not deleted in case of subsequent undo
(memq new-name ses--renamed-cell-symb-list)
(error "Already a cell name"))
(and (boundp new-name)
(null (yes-or-no-p (format "`%S' is already bound outside this buffer, continue? "
(error "Already a bound cell name")))
(let* ((rowcol (ses-sym-rowcol ses--curcell))
(cell (ses-get-cell (car rowcol) (cdr rowcol))))
(put new-name 'ses-cell rowcol)
(dolist (reference (ses-cell-references (car rowcol) (cdr rowcol)))
(let* ((rowcol (ses-sym-rowcol reference))
(cell (ses-get-cell (car rowcol) (cdr rowcol))))
(ses-cell-set-formula (car rowcol)
(cdr rowcol)
(ses-cell-formula cell)
(push new-name ses--renamed-cell-symb-list)
(set new-name (symbol-value ses--curcell))
(aset cell 0 new-name)
(put ses--curcell 'ses-cell nil)
(makunbound ses--curcell)
(setq ses--curcell new-name)
(let* ((pos (point))
(inhibit-read-only t)
(col (current-column))
(end (save-excursion
(move-to-column (1+ col))
(if (eolp)
(+ pos (ses-col-width col) 1)
(put-text-property pos end 'intangible new-name))) )
;; Checking formulas for safety
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