Commit 2328cbb3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Top): Delete Frame-Local Variables from subnode menu.

parent e388c68f
2007-10-24 Richard Stallman <>
* elisp.texi (Top): Delete Frame-Local Variables from subnode menu.
* variables.texi (Frame-Local Variables): Node deleted.
(Variables): Delete Frame-Local Variables from menu.
(Local Variables, Buffer-Local Variables, Intro to Buffer-Local)
(Default Value): Don't mention frame-local vars.
* os.texi (Idle Timers): current-idle-time returns nil if not idle.
* loading.texi (Unloading): Document FEATURE-unload-function
instead of FEATURE-unload-hook.
* functions.texi (Related Topics): Add called-interactively-p.
Fix xref.
* frames.texi (Multiple Displays): Don't mention frame-local vars.
2007-10-12 Richard Stallman <>
* elisp.texi (Top): Add Distinguish Interactive to subnode menu.
......@@ -421,7 +421,6 @@ Variables
* Setting Variables:: Storing new values in variables.
* Variable Scoping:: How Lisp chooses among local and global values.
* Buffer-Local Variables:: Variable values in effect only in one buffer.
* Frame-Local Variables:: Variable values in effect only in one frame.
* Future Local Variables:: New kinds of local values we might add some day.
* File Local Variables:: Handling local variable lists in files.
* Variable Aliases:: Variables that are aliases for other variables.
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