Commit 2340243a authored by Po Lu's avatar Po Lu
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Fix GTK build

* src/xterm.c (x_dnd_begin_drag_and_drop) [USE_GTK]: Adjust call
to x_dnd_free_toplevels as well.
parent 36af7004
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in 81 minutes
......@@ -10917,7 +10917,7 @@ x_dnd_begin_drag_and_drop (struct frame *f, Time time, Atom xaction,
x_dnd_waiting_for_finish = false;
if (x_dnd_use_toplevels)
x_dnd_free_toplevels ();
x_dnd_free_toplevels (true);
x_dnd_return_frame_object = NULL;
x_dnd_movement_frame = NULL;
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