Commit 236072ae authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(MAC_WINDOW_NORMAL_GC): Remove macro.

(FRAME_NORMAL_GC): New macro.
(mac_draw_line, mac_clear_area, mac_clear_window)
(mac_fill_rectangle, mac_draw_string, mac_draw_string_16)
(mac_draw_image_string, mac_draw_image_string_16): Rename from
XDrawLine, XClearArea, XClearWindow, XFillRectangle, XDrawString,
XDrawString16, XDrawImageString, and XDrawImageString16, respectively.
All uses changed.
(mac_draw_line, mac_erase_rectangle, mac_clear_area)
(mac_clear_window, mac_draw_bitmap, mac_draw_rectangle)
(mac_invert_rectangle, mac_draw_string_common, mac_draw_string)
(mac_draw_string_16, mac_draw_image_string)
(mac_draw_image_string_16, mac_copy_area, mac_copy_area_with_mask)
(mac_scroll_area): Drawing functions now take frame as destination.
All uses changed.
(mac_draw_string_common): Get port height with FRAME_PIXEL_HEIGHT.
(x_draw_fringe_bitmap): Set clipping area in face->gc.
parent 0abf3e71
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