Commit 2363bd8d authored by David Kastrup's avatar David Kastrup
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(math-format-stack-value): Revert a broken

if->when replacement and reformat so that this does not happen
again.  Fixes a pretty lethal line formatting/yanking bug.
parent 62458f70
......@@ -2997,8 +2997,9 @@ If mouse is pressed in Calc window, push cut buffer contents onto the stack."
(when calc-line-numbering
(setq c (math-comp-concat (if (eq calc-language 'big)
(when math-comp-selected
'(tag t "1: ") "1: ")
(if math-comp-selected
'(tag t "1: ")
"1: ")
" ")
(unless (or (equal calc-right-label "")
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