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......@@ -357,25 +357,6 @@ The solution is to use gawk (GNU awk).
** Problems with hostname resolution
*** Emacs fails to understand most Internet host names, even though
the names work properly with other programs on the same system.
*** Emacs won't work with X-windows if the value of DISPLAY is HOSTNAME:0.
*** Gnus can't make contact with the specified host for nntp.
This typically happens on Suns and other systems that use shared
libraries. The cause is that the site has installed a version of the
shared library which uses a name server--but has not installed a
similar version of the unshared library which Emacs uses.
The result is that most programs, using the shared library, work with
the nameserver, but Emacs does not.
The fix is to install an unshared library that corresponds to what you
installed in the shared library, and then relink Emacs.
If you have already installed the name resolver in the file libresolv.a,
then you need to compile Emacs to use that library.
*** Emacs does not know your host's fully-qualified domain name.
For example, (system-name) returns some variation on
......@@ -499,13 +480,6 @@ ftp client. On a Debian system, type
and then choose /usr/bin/netkit-ftp.
*** JPEG images aren't displayed.
This has been reported when Emacs is built with jpeg-6a library.
Upgrading to jpeg-6b solves the problem. Configure checks for the
correct version, but this problem could occur if a binary built
against a shared libjpeg is run on a system with an older version.
*** Dired is very slow.
This could happen if invocation of the `df' program takes a long
......@@ -570,13 +544,6 @@ to work around the problem.
Please refer to the documentation of your dynamic linker for details.
*** You request inverse video, and the first Emacs frame is in inverse
video, but later frames are not in inverse video.
This can happen if you have an old version of the custom library in
your search path for Lisp packages. Use M-x list-load-path-shadows to
check whether this is true. If it is, delete the old custom library.
*** When you run Ispell from Emacs, it reports a "misalignment" error.
This can happen if you compiled the Ispell program to use ASCII
......@@ -674,20 +641,6 @@ This is because these fonts contain characters a little taller than
the font's nominal height. Emacs needs to make sure that lines do not
** Loading fonts is very slow.
You might be getting scalable fonts instead of precomputed bitmaps.
Known scalable font directories are "Type1" and "Speedo". A font
directory contains scalable fonts if it contains the file
If this is so, re-order your X windows font path to put the scalable
font directories last. See the documentation of `xset' for details.
With some X servers, it may be necessary to take the scalable font
directories out of your path entirely, at least for Emacs 19.26.
Changes in the future may make this unnecessary.
** Font Lock displays portions of the buffer in incorrect faces.
By far the most frequent cause of this is a parenthesis `(' or a brace
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